Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Secret Room by Avery Brown PROMO

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The Secret Room
By: Avery Brown


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There’s a patchwork of trouble lurking in the small desert town of Conway.

Ella, a recent divorcee wanting to make a fresh start, moves to the out of the way town, rents a storefront and opens a flower shop. She gives refuge to a young Mexican family escaping from the Mexican Cartel, and finds herself in the midst of human smuggling, kidnapping, murder, and drop houses. She learns the former tenants of the storefront are missing and illegal immigrants show up at her door looking for a place of refuge.

The well kept secrets of the town begin to unravel, and Ella is up to her elbows in trouble, not knowing who she can trust with information on the cartel. Notes are left at her door and in her car and the final note is a ransom note. And if things weren’t bad enough she has a damn stalker following her in a blue sedan.

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About The Author

jf7EltfVAvery grew up in California's Central Valley with easy access to the San Francisco bay area, Yosemite National Park, and Napa Valley wine country.  There she met her husband, the love of her life. They raised two sons who have gifted them with two daughter-in-laws and a handful of grandchildren.

After putting her real estate license away, Avery moved to Arizona, where she learned more about the illegal activity on the border which inspired her first book.  

She spends her days writing her next book and frequently going on drives enjoying the beauty of the desert

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