Sunday, November 2, 2014

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How do you find the strength to embrace a future that’s different than the one you planned?

For Sarah Mitchell, the answer is simple—you don’t. For two years, Sarah has shut herself off from most of the world around her. She needs to move on, but doesn’t know how to begin.

Unexpectedly, Sarah is presented with an opportunity that could change everything. Elijah Kingston, her firm’s largest client, wants her to lead a highly confidential assignment. When Sarah learns the shocking nature of Kingston’s project, she is torn between Elijah’s promise of healing and her fear of falling deeper into despair.

Kingston’s Project is a poignant story about the effects of grief and the loss of hope. Can Sarah find happiness again, or is the hold from her fear and guilt too strong to break free?

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~ Blurb ~
“I promise.”

Two words meant to inspire trust and hope. When kept, a promise can be powerful. When broken, it can shatter just about everything around it.

Marcus Kingston spent twenty years searching for the woman he was meant to be with forever. The day he found her, he made a promise. He would spend the rest of his life trying to ease her pain and give her happiness. Her past wouldn't make it easy, but he was determined.

He thought the difficult part was getting her to give him a chance. He told her she couldn't predict the future—that she needed to take a leap of faith. What he didn't anticipate was the one unavoidable obstacle to every promise—life. Now, he’s the one who needs to take the leap.

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About the Author:
Carrie Beckort has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a MBA from Ball State University. She spent seventeen years in the corporate industry before writing her first novel, Kingston's Project. She lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter. You can find out more about Carrie Beckort or her books at on the following social media sites:

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