Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Just Not Ready Yet by Brooklyn James

Publish November 1, 2014 by Arena Books, Austin, Texas

Charlize 'Charlie' McCloud, widow and mother of two young children, is agonizingly content living in the past. Her secluded life on a sprawling Texas ranch provides the perfect dreamscape to obsessively reconnect and reminisce about her college sweetheart—her first and only love—Cash McCloud.

When intern Hunter Bowie arrives on her ranch to work for the summer, his handsome and engaging ingress into her world threatens the safekeeping of her treasured reliving. Her interest in moving on as departed as her late husband, Hunter's youthful exuberance revives dreams she once laid to rest.

Hunter's presence stirs up everyone around the ranch, including her late husband's older brother, Cage McCloud. Charlie continuously pushes him away. A near replica of Cash, Cage's very existence is a painstaking reminder of how much she has lost.

Unintentionally revealing the truth about Cash's death, Cage sets off a firestorm of emotions, ultimately propelling Charlie to face her future—hopefully one that includes him.
My Thoughts…

I love a good, easy romance book and that is what I was thinking this was.  It kinda of was, it kinda wasn’t.   This had a lot of romance, some of it hot and steamy, some of it nice and easy.  It also is the story of a woman left to raise her two young children after her husband unexpectedly dies.   How she copes with being a single mom, not wanting lose her memories of her husband, and trying to move on with life are all part of this story.   Then throw in her husbands, hot older brother and things get complicated.   

Brooklyn James managed to write a story that kept me entertained and unable to put the book down.   There were some parts that I loved more than others, but none that made me stop reading.     I was cheering for Charlie to be able to move on with her life and start living again.  I knew who I wanted her to end up with, but mostly I just wanted her end up with someone who could love and respect her. 

This is my first book by Brooklyn James and I am sure I will be reading more.   I definitely recommend checking out Just Not Ready Yet.

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Brooklyn James is an author/singer/songwriter inspired by life in the Live Music Capital of Austin, Texas. Her first novel, The Boots My Mother Gave Me, has an original music soundtrack and was chosen as a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. This book has ranked in Kindle's Top 100 Coming of Age and Women's Fiction.

When she is not writing books, she can be found playing live music around Austin as part of an acoustic duo. Like most everyone, she treasures her time spent with family and friends. Brooklyn has been in a Weezer video, met Harry Connick Jr. as an extra on the set of When Angels Sing, and she was Mira Sorvino's stand-in on Jerry Bruckheimer's Trooper pilot for TNT. She enjoys reading, dancing, working out, fishing with her hubby, and a good glass of kombucha.

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