Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Book Review for The Romanov Brides by Clare McHugh

 The Romanov Brides: A Novel of the Last Tsarina and Her Sisters by Clare McHugh


Published March 12, 2024 by William Morrow Paperbacks

Genre:  Historical Fiction 

Taken from Goodreads:
  From the author of A Most English Princess comes a rich novel about young Princess Alix of Hesse—the future Alexandra, last Empress of Imperial Russia—and her sister, Princess Ella. Their decision to marry into the Romanov royal family changed history. They were granddaughters of Queen Victoria and two of the most beautiful princesses in Europe. Princesses Alix and Ella were destined to wed well and wisely. But while their grandmother wants to join them to the English and German royal families, the sisters fall in love with Russia—and the Romanovs. Defying the Queen’s dire warnings, Ella weds the tsar’s brother, Grand Duke Serge. Cultivated, aloof, and proud, Serge places his young wife on a pedestal for all to admire. Behind palace gates, Ella struggles to secure private happiness. Alix, whisked away to Russia for Ella’s wedding, meets and captivates Nicky—heir apparent to the Russian throne. While loving him deeply, Alix hears a call of conscience, urging her to walk away. Their fateful decisions to marry will lead to tragic consequences for not only themselves and their families, but for millions in Russia and around the globe. The Romanov Brides is a moving and fascinating portrait of two bold and spirited royal sisters, and brings to vivid life imperial Russia—a dazzling, decadent world on the brink of disappearing forever. 


My Thoughts:  The Romanov Brides is the story of two sisters and their journey into the Russian royalty.   There are many expectations that come with marrying royalty and the two sisters must make tough decisions on whether to follow their hearts.  It was interesting to watch them struggle with themselves and their families to make decisions that will change their lives forever.   Their hearts have them falling in love with Russian royalty, but it also has them questions everything they have been taught about religion and family.   

This book had a lot happening, there was so much happening in Russia and the royals were being watched at every turn.  I devoured the book.  I took it to work and read during my breaks, I had it with me all the time because I could not get enough.  

Thank you William Morrow Books for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 


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