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Book Review for Of Love and Honour by Julian D. Parrott

 Of Love and Honour by Julian D. Parrott

Published January 25, 2024


Taken from Amazon:
  Former soldier, Tom Price, and actress, Nia Williams, are attempting to re-establish their love after a Kremlin plot almost cost them their relationship and their lives. Now, MI5 Deputy Director Phillipa Davies asks them for a favour: a wellness check on Piotr Lebedev, a Russian defector who came over to the west some twenty years before. Tom and Nia don't know that Lebedev possesses the 'knowledge' - information that would destroy Russia's national security. The Kremlin desperately want him back. As the CIA and GRU hunt for Lebedev, Davies, driven by a personal secret, attempts to manipulate people and events from the sidelines. Bouncing from the UK to America, to Vienna, to Jamaica, Tom and Nia find themselves pulled deeper into the deadly high-stakes game of cat and mouse where issues of loyalty and honour are fluid, where the hunted become the hunters, and where love is severely tested.

My Thoughts:  This is my first book by Julian D. Parrott and I was unsure what to expect.   What I found was a great thriller with twists of romance.   The book kept me guessing at what would happen next.   The relationships are real, the storyline kept me entertained, and the few twists and turns kept me turning pages.

As I read the book, in less than 48 hours, I was pulled into Nia and Tom’s world. I could feel the fear they felt in having to keep a step ahead of the bad guys.  It was evident their feelings for each other were strong and real, they belong together and work so well together.   The descriptions of the settings made the book come alive as I could picture where the scene was taking place. 

I received a copy of the book from my friends.   All opinions are my own. 

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