Thursday, March 14, 2024

Release Blitz for Bottled Up: Pietro Family Estate by Kelly Kay


Bottled Up: Pietro Family Estate by Kelly Kay is now live!

A wine country romance with a dash of mafia.

"It's time you knew the whole story. And I don't trust the wifey to get it totally right."

Salvatore Pietro, or Sally Pipes, is the head of a Los Angeles Crime Family and Poppy Gelbert is his worst-kept secret. SShe's the daughter of a well-known vineyard family and the love of his life. Although they've never been caught together publically, privately, they can't keep their hands off of each other. But the secrets end now. The weight of separating the two worlds is too heavy, even for a man like Sal. The threads Sal's been tying off for the last couple of years have all come loose, and putting Poppy in danger was the last thing on earth he wanted to do. The choice is simple: Sal will choose Poppy's love and safety every time. But at what cost?

Loss never feels real to me. It's like it's happening to someone else. But this time, it's different because this time, I realize I've never really lost anything or anyone that mattered. Sure, a job, a friend, a favorite earring...but this is ripping me half. And the only way I can think of making it feel like it's happening to someone else is to become someone else.

And if I find out he's not actually dead, and I had to go through all of this for nothing, I'll kill him.

Five Families Vineyard Series - Interconnected standalone series exploring the lives and loves of five winery families.

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Bonus Extended Epilogue:


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Meet Kelly Kay

I used to create dreams with my best friend growing up. We'd each pick a boy we liked, then we'd write down a meet-cute that always ended with a happily ever after. Now I get to dream every day, although it's a little steamier now.

I'm a Chicago-based writer, married to a writer, mother of a creative dynamo of a twelve-year-old boy and currently a little sleepy. I'm a klutz and goofball and love lipstick as much as my Chuck Taylors. And there are pretty good odds that I have either a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in my hand right now. 


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