Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Cover Reveal for Pandora Series


Title: Pandora Series
Author: Darlene Tallman, Vera Quinn, T.L. Reeve and Michele Ryan, Penny Anglene, and E.M. Shue
Genre: Halloween Collection Novellas
Releasing: October 2023


Mysterious things happen in Pandora, Kentucky. The town appears to be a small out of the way place to relax and unwind. Population under 600 people. Down home friendliness.

There’s one day a year that the town shuts down before dark and doesn’t open back up until daybreak the next day. Halloween night.

The words trick or treat have a darker meaning in Pandora. Do you have a good soul and treat people with kindness or is your soul damned to hell for your life of sins and bad choices? In Pandora on Halloween night if you wander the streets, you could come face to face with your future of things to come, good or bad. Enter our Pandora box of delights or chills.

Each book done by different authors with their own story to tell. Each Pandora will be different. Come join us for your first Halloween treats.

Wrong Turn by T.L. Reeve and Michele Ryan (PNR, Fantasy, Occult) - Releasing October 24, 2023

They say you’re never supposed to open Pandora’s Box, but what happens when you do so unwittingly?

Giles Corey and his wife Belladonna have been invited to a masquerade party in Ponderosa, Kentucky. Neither of them recognized the address or the town, however it won’t stop either of them from going. As the namesake of the Corey family, Giles loves all things macabre and Halloween. Getting that invite flips all his switches.

How can they say no?

When they arrive in Pandora, Kentucky everything is closed and the house where the party is supposed to be doesn’t exist. Instead, an apothecary’s in its place. Even with the lights off, Giles won’t giving up. He didn’t come all that way for nothing.

A spell is cast, and lovers are entwined.

What starts out as a sexual awakening for both Giles and Belladonna quickly becomes a nightmare where nothing is as it seems, and neither can escape. To break the time-loop paradox they’ve accidentally unleashed, Giles must confront his family’s past. However, each step leads to a wrong turn and returns them to the beginning.

Will Giles and Belladonna be able to break the cycle, or will they be stuck in Pandora, Kentucky forever?

Off Balance by E.M. Shue (MC, tough girl, & law enforcement) - Releasing October 25th

From award-winning author E.M. Shue comes a forced proximity MC romance with a twist of fate.

Reaper’s life is made up of lies, his identity fake. For twelve years, Klay Ulrich has been deep undercover masquerading as the road captain for the Drago Defiance MC. His assignment is to bring down human traffickers running in motorcycle clubs. But when his eyes land on the beautiful wallflower from the Devil’s Handmaidens, something in him shifts. For the first time in a long time, he wants someone to know the real him. Reaper’s new mission is to make the quiet artist his while carrying on with his directive.

River “Jinx” Schmidt lives her life behind the scenes, quietly creating her art. Racing is the only thing that gets her out of the shadows and gets her blood pumping. When her club asks her to meet with the road captain from Drago Defiance MC to go over the upcoming racing season, she doesn’t expect the intense connection. Reaper is big, dominating, and in complete control of every beat of her heart and the breath from her body. Jinx is suddenly finding racing isn’t the only thing she craves.

When Reaper and Jinx find themselves stuck in a small town, locked down for twenty-four hours, Reaper will seize his chance and put everything on the line. But when they return to their normal lives, Jinx will have to deceive her club and best friend in order to protect Reaper’s secrets and him.

Caught up in the mystique of Pandora, Kentucky, where luck and fate are intertwined, Reaper and Jinx will learn good fortune depends on the choices they make. Whether they triumph over or succumb to a fabled 100-year-old curse is up to them.

Trixie's Treat by Darlene Tallman - Releasing October 28, 2023

Living in Pandora, Kentucky her whole life, Trixie is well-aware of the things that go bump in the night.

Especially on Halloween, the one day of the year that the town shuts down before it's fully dark.

Cranston's Superstition by Penny Anglene - Releasing October 30th (MC, Law, Superstitious, Suspense, & Mystery)

Pamela Cranston

I’ve been in lockdown for a while. I have a job to do that daddy knows nothing about. See by day, I take care of all the clubs accounting for them. At night, I am a US Marshall and follow money laundering. I am needed at the main office now and must run away to do that. A twenty-three-year-old running away. It’s pathetic. My dad thinks I am the dull one, he thinks my sister is always going to be a college student, if he only knew, he would have a cow. Things are going good until my car breaks down on the side of the road just outside of Pandora. I thought it was a unique name until I found out its secrets.

Dillion Harrison

I was just on my way home to Owensboro Kentucky when I saw a beautiful lady standing outside of her car and looking defeated. I pulled over to see what I could do to help her. If it’s a problem with the car, I can help, I am a mechanic by day.

Before it was over, not only did I see sparks fly out of the car, I saw some sparks in the bedroom before the end of the night.

Devil's Crossroad by Vera Quinn (MC, Crossroads, Forever couple, Forever ride & Rekindled Love) - Releasing October 31, 2023

My life with Callie has never been easy, beautiful, yes, easy no. I have loved that woman from the first day I met her and it is stronger today than it has ever been. For the first time we are at an impass and no amount of talking resolves the issue. We decide to get on my bike and ride until we solve the dilemma. Just our luck, we break down in Pandora, Kentucky and it is Halloween.


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