Thursday, August 10, 2023

Cover Reveal for The Boyfriend Countdown by Tori Samuels


The Boyfriend Countdown by Tori Samuels

Publication date: November 7th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Margo Diaz has a reputation as a workaholic. Everyone knows where she eats her lunch — at her desk, and where she spends her Friday nights — at the office. But when her ex-boyfriend announces his engagement to the same woman who broke up their relationship, she finds herself tangled in a lie. Because what’s worse than working with your ex, is telling everyone you have a boyfriend when you don’t.

Forced to plan a New Year’s gala to impress a client, Margo finds herself promising everyone will meet her plus one. And with her name in the running for a promotion, she really can’t screw this up. She has to find a boyfriend, and a twelve-day online blind dating service is just the ticket she needs.

Everything is fine, Margo has a plan. That’s until she discovers her blind-date is Richard, the tall, sarcastic man she bumped into a few weeks ago. Not needing any distractions, she’s determined to keep the lie going to show everyone she can have it all — a career, a family, a (fake) boyfriend. Except, Richard isn’t what she thought and her attraction for him grows harder to ignore. Yet Margo is committed to keeping herself away.

How will Margo convince everyone she’s been dating a man she’s never met? Can she risk telling the truth or will she let her lie hurt more than her reputation? With a week left before the gala, the boyfriend countdown is on.


Tori Samuels, author of the HoliFATE series, can be found sipping peppermint mochas, snuggling with her dogs, and dreaming up the next perfect contemporary romance novel. A native resident of Bolton, Canada, Samuels uses her hometown as the backdrop for her witty and swoon worthy cast of characters. Looking for your next holiday-themed read, then grab your favorite dessert coffee and get cozy.

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