Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Book Review for Bend Toward the Sun by Jen Devon

 Bend Toward the Sun by Jen Devon 

Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit

Paperback, 384 pages

Publication: August 9th 2022 by Griffin

Taken from Goodreads:  Two imperfect people. One year under the sun. A love story you won't ever forget.

Rowan McKinnon doesn’t believe in love. With a botany PhD, two best friends who embrace her social quirkiness, and some occasional no-strings sex, she has everything she needs. But she hides deep wounds from the past—from a negligent mother, and a fiancé who treated her like a pawn in a game. When an academic setback leads Rowan to take on the restoration of an abandoned vineyard, she relishes the opportunity to restore the grapes to their former glory.

She does not expect to meet a man like Harrison Brady.

An obstetrician profoundly struggling after losing a patient, Harry no longer believes he is capable of keeping people safe. Reeling, Harry leaves Los Angeles to emotionally recover at his parents’ new vineyard in Pennsylvania.

He does not expect to meet a woman like Rowan McKinnon.

As their combative banter gives way to a simmering tension, sunlight begins to crack through the darkness smothering Harry’s soul. He’s compelled to explore the undeniable pull between them. And after a lifetime of protecting herself from feeling anything, for anyone, Rowan tries to keep things casual.

But even she can’t ignore their explosive connection.


My Thoughts:  Rowan McKinnon is not looking for a relationship.   There is no doubt about that, so when she arrives on the Brady Farm and meets Harrison she decides a no-strings, walk away when it is done relationship is the perfect answer.   Anyone who has read a romance book knows how this story goes.  

What makes Bend Toward the Sun so unique is the depth of both main characters past.   I really liked that the characters had a deep history that was shared with the readers as the story went on.   Rowans parents and sister are part of the reason for her being so careful about opening her heart again.  Harrison is not afraid of Rowan’s past and he will do what he has to just to be with her, even promise her that she can walk away at the end of their time together. 

This is a wonderful romance story with characters full of flaws, a family that is nosy, and a beautiful vineyard. The friendships are without a doubt true.   The family loves with all their heart and souls.  The vineyard setting gives the reader a unique look at running the vineyard and all that goes with the growing of the grapes.  I love the donkey and the sheep, they made me giggle a few times.   

Jen Devon wrote this debut book at just the right time for me.  I lost myself in her story and did not want it to end.

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Meet Jen Devon (Taken from her website):  Jen Devon wrote her first story when she was eight. Now she writes steamy, atmospheric romances about complicated, imperfect people finding their perfect match.

A former biology academic and lecturer, she currently works in the tech industry and dreams of writing full-time. She’s an avid gardener, photographer, and boardgamer, a thrift store enthusiast and unapologetic nerd. She’s a mom of six (three kids, three rescue mutts) and lives in central Ohio with her engineer husband.



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