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Glory Unbound
Deborah L. King
(Glory Bishop, #2)
Publication date: December 14th 2021
Genres: Women’s Fiction

IN THIS SECOND BOOK of the series, Glory Bishop has finally broken free of her mother’s oppressive grasp and is offered a new life by a seemingly altruistic Chicago socialite, but there may be more than good intentions at play. Against the advice of trusted friends and family, Glory chooses the protection of Malcom Porter, her adoring, much older, bad-boy-turned-minister fiancé.

Thrust into a gilded world of wealth, society and privilege, Glory struggles to overcome the guilt of loving her new life. The whirlwind of 1980s designer clothing, penthouse views, and first-class travel is a far cry from her former existence.

With this new reality, comes unexpected complications and temptations. As she struggles to remain true to herself and her fiancé, Glory wonders if she will ever truly feel at home in this new world. Follow Glory Bishop in her continuing search for freedom and independence, as she once again strives to be her own savior.

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Back in the living room, Mary leaned against the kitchen door fame, puffing a rolled-up brown-paper cigarette with a shaking hand. “I know y’all engaged.” Mary took a short drag. “But you cain’t just come in here and snatch a child without askin’. Not even you, Malcolm Porter.”

“Child welfare does it all the time when they see bloody sheets, bleeding welts, and years and year of scars. You should be locked up with nothing but demons!” He snatched open the apartment door and stepped out into the hallway.

“I love you, Mama.” Glory hugged her mother until she felt Mary’s arms around her. “I’m sure it’s only for a few days,” she whispered. “I’ll be back when he calms down.”

“Malcolm!” Mary called out. “Mark my words. I know my child. She needs purging. She wants to be worldly. Devil get at her real easy. You takin’ her over to your mother’s with all that fancy stuff, gon’ turn her head if you don’t watch out. Demons of lies and rebellion, Jezebel spirit—”

Glory heard the suitcase drop and swift, heavy footfalls over the threshold. She threw herself at Malcolm before he could reach her mother.

“If you again lay a hand on her, you will remember the struggle and never do it again!” His voice was an icy snarl promising the wrath of God.

Glory pressed all her weight against Malcolm, the bandages under her clothes ripping from her skin, the medical tape roughly, agonizingly, scraping against her cuts and welts.

“Malcolm, God, please, let’s go! Mama, just stop! I promise I’ll be good!” Glory pushed against Malcolm until he backed up into the hall and grabbed her suitcase.

“I will bring you to a horrible end, and you will be no more. You will be sought, but you will never again be found!” Malcolm’s biblical threats hung in the air as he backed toward the stairs.

Glory stared into her mother’s impassive face. Mary took a deep drag on her rolled cigarette, nodded once, and closed the apartment door. Glory didn’t move until after she heard all three locks click into place.

Author Bio:

Deborah King has been a writer and storyteller her whole life. She published her first short story when she was seven years old. When she’s not writing, Deborah enjoys cartoons, cooking, photography, and Star Trek. Born and raised in Chicago, Deborah has managed to achieve all of her childhood dreams and still lives in the area with her husband and two youngest children. According to her daughter, she has “literally aced her life!”

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