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Book Review for A Snowflake Christmas - The Nutcracker by Vickey Wollan

Title: A Snowflake Christmas - The Nutcracker
Author: Vickey Wollan
Genre: Sweet & Clean Contemporary Christmas Romance
Release Date: November 3, 2021

A Snowflake Christmas -The Nutcracker is the second book of the A Snowflake Christmas series where each novel stands on its own. All are sweet holiday romances set in the fictional small town of Snowflake, Montana.

Olga Vogel, a native of small-town Snowflake, Montana, knows the value of hard work and focused determination. When she finds herself the sole inheritor of the Snowflake Christmas Tree Farm, she decides her personal life must wait while she concentrates on successfully running the business. Olga turns to her father for support and is astounded when he questions her management suitability.

Olga’s decision to step away from romance gets complicated when Eric Lund, a sexy single father seems determined to capture her attention. Then Grant Miller, who broke up with her to become a college football star, returns to Snowflake acting as if he wants to rekindle their relationship. Drawn to each man individually, Grant’s charisma and Erik’s giving nature, Olga struggles with decisions about her future.

Can she run a prosperous company, and find one true love?

My Review:  I read the first book in this series of standalone books and fell in love with Snowflake.  In this book we revisit a few of the characters from the first book but also meet new characters, Olga and Eric.   I loved both.  Olga is strong and trying to prove herself as a successful businesswoman.   Eric is a single dad who is trying to do the best he can for his son, Quinn.  

I loved the setting, the characters, and the strength in the families of Snowflake.   Bringing back Olga’s high school boyfriend gave the story a fun little twist.   The relationship of Olga and Eric was cute at the beginning.   They circled each other, flirted, and just enjoyed being near each other.  Olga is wonderful to Quinn, and this endeared her to me even more.   The ending was too rushed.   I needed more romance.   It seemed like the author decided the book was done so she finished it.  

A Snowflake Christmas-The Nutcracker is a cute and fun story.   It is not long, and I read it quickly. 

Quinn asked to carry the nutcracker to the truck, so Olga put the box and satisfaction guaranteed papers into the bag having not gone near the cash register.

Olga grinned, “I’m so glad I got to meet him. Sorry about Mrs. Jameson and sorry I freaked. First day jitters, probably. Over the next several weeks all my energy will be poured into this farm. I hope you understand if you don’t hear from me.”

Erik blinked, then reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze. “I understand. I’m not going anywhere. In the next couple of days, will you tell me when you have some free time?”

Olga’s smile faded slightly, and she glanced to the side. At what he couldn’t tell. He took that as her polite way of declining his request. With feet heavy as blocks of ice, he made his way to Quinn and together they headed for the door.

Quinn talked to the nutcracker as they settled into the truck and Erik wasn’t sure if he should be concerned by the long one-sided conversation. Then Quinn did the strangest thing. He positioned the nutcracker on his lap and held the toy in its standing position.

“Will you really protect our home?” Quinn asked in a serious tone.

For some reason, the right arm of the toy sprung forward on its own.

Quinn giggled with delight. “Daddy, do you think it answered my questions?”

Vickey Wollan caught the writing bug in elementary school, and her thirst for reading novels started in junior high. Although her career included journalistic and public relations writing, she recently jumped with both feet into writing romance stories.

She writes heartwarming, sweet, contemporary romances that tickle the funny-bone and wrap up with an always satisfying happily ever after.

Vickey lives in Central Florida, but her travels inspire her stories. She likes the outdoors and sports so she creates heroines who are strong and multi-talented, but are still attracted to sexy modern men who appreciate the love of a capable woman.

With a background in wellness, she allows her creativity to emerge during a good workout. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking through the beauty of nature, or chilling-out with her husband.

She appreciates hearing from readers. Reach out to her at




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