Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Release Blitz for The Brightness Duet by Bri Stone with a Giveaway

Title: The Brightness Duet: The Complete Box Set 
(The Brightest Day & The Brightest Night)
Author: Bri Stone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2020

I know of the love stories that are quick to grab you, consume you.
Then there are the ones that take their time and seduce your soul until you are prisoner to it.
I didn’t fall in any of those.
Our story was one I knew better than to let happen, but did anyway.
Knowing better, I let love win. The sharp surrender and strong vice of it hid behind his scent, his taste, his solidity.
Thom Edwards rattled my very core.
We knew what was coming, and we knew where we would end. We knew how possible it was for our love to destroy us both.
Still, we began.
I saw Perrier Simmons and I knew that she would be mine one day. I didn't know how or why, but I was sure in my bones that the smart, beautiful, and talented woman had changed my life. We know pain, and we know grief, and we had to know each other.
The only problem is our paths threaten to tear us apart, and there is no telling how far. Even if we were a galaxy away, I would never change a thing--
Perrier is going to be mine. 
Series Blurb: The Brightness series is the story about what it means to love with your soul, to sacrifice, to experience grief and blinding joy. To live life with the pain, and the beauty, without knowing if you will be able to smile through tears and still know you wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“Are you headed home?” I asked her.

She adjusted her bag, grabbing both straps. “Yeah. I usually walk.”
“We can grab some dinner, and then I can walk you home.”
“You don’t have to walk me home.” She blinked.
“So, we can have dinner then? I know a great place, you can’t say no.” I casually prompted her to walk with me.
She tensed at first, but then her shoulders relaxed. She fit next to me like a puzzle piece. It was dramatic; but I felt like I could walk lighter, breathe easier. I had only met her today, but that’s all it takes, isn’t it?
Perrier is going to be mine.

Bri Stone is happy to be a contemporary romance fiction writer; creating anyone and anything in the romantic world of kindled hearts and eternal bonds. If she isn't writing, she is probably reading, binge watching anything on Netflix, or imaging crazy scenarios in her head that will probably never happen. When she is not spending time with her imaginary book friends, she is studying criminal justice and is a freelance editor.


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