Monday, February 11, 2019

REVIEW for Unleashed Valkyrie by Stacy Claflin

Publication Date: January 29, 2019

When two worlds collide, who will remain standing?

Soleil wants nothing more than to live with her family, free from the rules governing her kind. But with Valhalla on the brink of civil war, even retired valkyries are called back to service. Even though she’s a master at skirting the rules, there’s no avoiding her destiny this time. Especially since she’s accidentally volunteered to lead Valhalla’s opposition on Earth—and with two of her least favorite valkyries, no less. 

As though a war with traditional valkyries isn’t enough, there’s been a resurgence of hunters. Even the help of the supernaturals on Earth may not be enough to assure victory. Not when she’s fighting a war on two fronts. There’s one supernatural who might be strong enough to turn the tide, but she’d never ask. She’s also not strong enough to keep him from entering the fray.

The fate of two worlds hang in the balance. Soleil wants nothing more than to flee with her family, but she’s honor-bound to stay and fight. The question is, how will the war end? With her people free? With two worlds destroyed? Or will she even survive to witness the outcome?

My Thoughts…

I became hooked on Soleil while reading the Curse of the Moon series by Stacy Claflin.   I was beyond excited to when I found out she was going to get her own series.     At no point was I let down by this series, the storyline moved at the perfect pace, the characters stayed true to who they were from the beginning, and the story progressed perfectly.   This series does have to be read in order but the good news is that they are all available right now so they can be picked up right away.

Unleashed Valkyrie is the last book in this series and I was looking forward to seeing how it would all come together.    I was hoping for a HEA but knew that it could go either way.     I felt like the story was rushed.     Alaska was growing to fast and acted too grown up. Soleil let her parents off the hook too quickly.   Titan was too much of a pushover.  With the other books I felt like the story was developed, this one just seemed to rush through the story to get to the ending.  

There is no doubt that I still recommend this series.    It is amazing and I loved it.    

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