Monday, October 30, 2017

Hunters Moon by Lynda Renham

Hunters Moon, set in the little English village of Penlyn, promises to be the dream home for Flora and Adam McIntosh. Adam’s career in politics has taken a turn for the better and the only thing left to complete the couple’s happiness is a baby. Flora believes the new home will help her overcome a recent miscarriage but she soon realises the house is not all it seems. What are the villagers of Penlyn hiding and does Hunters Moon hold a dark secret? Flora soon finds herself entrapped in a web of deceit with no one to turn to. Her dream home becomes her nightmare as Flora fears for her life.

My Thoughts…

I have always been a fan of Lynda Renham’s comedy and romance books and now that she is writing psychological thrillers I am an even bigger fan.    I love getting pulled into a book, hook on the drama, and having to turn page after page to find out what will happen.   That is exactly what I feel when reading Hunters Moon. 

Hunters Moon is a creepy, old house in a creepy small town.     The minute Flora walks into the house she feels the ghosts, smells the roses, and knows something is off but her husband, Adam, pushes to purchase the house.     When left alone at the house there is a feeling that the house comes alive.   There are shadows in the window, noises left unexplained, boats leaving the docks, and smells that shouldn’t be there.      Is she going crazy?  Is the house haunted?    I was never sure; I wanted to believe it wasn’t her losing her mind.    

Lynda Renham is as talented writing her thrillers as she is in her other works.    I recommend picking up your own copy ASAP.

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