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Sisters in Bloom: Snow Sisters, Book 2 by Melissa Foster AUDIOBOOK

Sisters in Bloom: Snow Sisters, Book 2

  • Written by: Melissa Foster
  • Narrated by: B.J. Harrison
  • Length: 11 hrs and 3 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook

  • Release Date:06-19-15
  • Publisher: Melissa Foster

  • Kaylie Snow has always been the fun, flirty, pretty sister. Now her burgeoning baby bump, hormone-infused emotions, and faltering singing career are sending her into an unexpected identity crisis. Watching her older sister, Danica, glide through a major career change and a new relationship with the grace of a ballerina, Kaylie's insecurities rise to the forefront - and her relationship with fiancé Chaz Crew is caught in the crossfire.
    Chaz Crew has everything he's ever wanted: a lovely fiancée, a baby on the way, and soon the film festival he owns will host its biggest event ever. When he's called away to woo the festival's largest sponsor - and the lover he's never admitted to having - secrets from his past turn his new life upside down.
    With her baby shower around the corner and her fiancé's big event looming, the pressure is on for Kaylie to pull herself together - and for Chaz to right his wrongs. In a few short weeks, the couple who had it all figured out will learn things about life and love that may change their minds - and their hearts.
    Sisters in Bloom is part of the Love in Bloom series. While Sisters in Bloom can be listened to as a standalone novel, for even more listening enjoyment you may want to listen to the entire Love in Bloom series in order.

  • My Thoughts...

  • Once again Bj Harrison was amazing.    He took the wonderful words Melissa wrote and brought them to life.   The changes in his voice made the characters come alive.   I found myself getting lost in his words while listening to him. 

  • I read the first book in this series, Sisters in Love, and could not wait to get my hands on this book. We left the first book with Kaylie pregnant and having to be a grown up and Danica has a new relationship. Book one flowed straight into book two without slowing down a bit. 

    I loved Kaylie. Although she was sometimes whining and a little unreasonable, I enjoyed watching her grow up and be an adult. As she came to realization that Chaz loves her baby or no baby, career or no career, you could actually see her settle down and enjoy life more. The feelings that Kaylie was fighting with were true to a lot of pregnant mothers and it was nice to see a supportive family and fiancée. The relationship between Kaylie and her sister, Danica was so believable. They had each other’s back no matter what, but were still the first to tell the other to open their eyes and see what was going on. 

    Danica needed to take come of her own advice and wise up in her relationship with Blake. She is lucky that Blake was such an understanding guy and let her have her space to make EVERY decision. It seemed she was quick to make decisions for others, but for herself it took forever to make the most simple decision. I liked Danica. I just wish she trusted herself more and trusted Blake to stand by her no matter what her decision is. 

    This is no doubt an amazing series of books. There are many more books to come in this series and I have no doubt I will read each and every one of them. I highly recommend this book and series to every chic-lit fan.

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