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Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe (Shore Leave Cafe #1) by Abbie Williams

Published December 17th 2012 by Everheart Books (first published December 14th 2012)
Joelle Gordon is leaving Chicago and her cheating husband to head for her hometown of Landon, Minnesota. WIth her three beautiful daughters in tow, Joelle is bombarded with an onslaught of memories that Landon evokes. Landon -- home to the Shore Leave Cafe, the restaurant Joelle's family owns -- has some surprises in store for Joelle. Finding herself confronted with the reality of single motherhood, a mysterious but handsome young staffer at the Shore Leave Cafe, her upset daughters, and the prospect of returning to her husband for the well-being of her kids, Joelle must make decisions she never thought she'd face.

A story about heartbreak, blame, family, desire, love, and the difficulties of returning home, Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe highlights hardships to which everyone can relate.

My Thoughts…

When picking a book to read I look at the setting.   I love this town of Landon, Minnesota.    It is  the small hometown setting that manages to pull me in.   The neighbors, the local café, the family, and of course the town itself are all reasons I enjoyed this book.     I love that they have Saturday Margarita Night, small town celebrations with fireworks, and that the town is positioned on a lake that they kids and adults use.   

Joelle leaves Chicago and runs home when she finds her husband cheating on her.   Not just does she find out, she walks in on him in the act.      I can’t say I blame her.   I actually am proud of her for walking away and taking a path that she doesn’t know where it will lead instead of staying and living with a cheater.     I like that she takes her 3 daughters and shows them that they can be okay being a separated family.    She shows that she respects herself  enough to not put up with the disrespect that Jackie, her husband, shows her when he chooses to cheat on her.    

The romance part is different.    I am not sure that I felt the sparks at the beginning of their relationship.     Both Joelle and Jilly are interested in men with difficult histories.     While Joelle makes the decision to keep her relationship a secret, Jilly would like nothing more than to announce it to the world that she loves someone.      As they spend time with their men I was able to understand and enjoy their relationships better.     I liked that both women stayed true to themselves and didn’t give up on what they felt was right.
Summer at the Shore Leave Café is the first book in this series by Abbie Williams.    This one ended not with a cliffhanger but with a definite must keep reading the rest of the series ending.     I am anxious to get my hands on book two.

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