Saturday, October 17, 2015


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It was a lie that brought them together, and a lie that will tear them apart.  Will the truth be enough to save their love?

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´`.¸¸,. •°´

 . . . Liar, Liar
 Makenna Banks is a 28-year-old, independent, professional woman who spends her days seeking the truth for her clients.  She is tenacious and fuelled by events in her past, determined to bring hidden secrets into the light.

. . . Pants On Fire
 Thrust into a life he didn’t imagine for himself, but unable to escape it, Benny Duncan immerses himself in his job to avoid his home life.  With his future mapped out for him from birth by a pair of controlling parents, more concerned about their social stature, than the happiness of their only son, he always knew he was destined for this life.  It doesn’t mean he likes it, though. 

 . . . Nose As Long
 In her search for the truth, Makenna has to put herself in sometimes-dangerous positions, going above and beyond for her clients.  But what happens when a situation is not all it seems?  What happens when love is thrown into the mix?

 . . . As A Telephone Wire.
 To do her job properly, Makenna has to get involved, but not too involved.  It’s a fine line that she has managed to never cross.  Until now.  Until him.  Benny Duncan will turn her inside out, changing the world as she knows it.  She maybe powerful in all other aspects of her life, but Makenna is powerless against the biggest factor of all; true love.

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