Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exiled: A Lunar Falls Novella by Lashell Collins

Published October 18, 2015

Shame and dishonor are all that Zach Mason knows now. Exiled from his pack for one incredibly stupid decision – conspiracy to overthrow the GrandAlpha – he now lives a solitary existence, desperately longing for a life he can no longer have. But when the winds of fate blow him into the path of the beautiful and alluring Sarah Masters, someone he never expected to see again let alone take as his mate, Zach begins to wonder if maybe home is wherever the heart is. At any rate, he knows that he'll follow her anywhere. Even back to the home he was exiled from upon the threat of death.

The song says you can always go home, but Sarah Masters knows better. Sometimes home is simply not an option anymore, not when the only things there for you are humiliation and disgrace. But the longer she stays away the more homesick she gets, and when Zach Mason shows up in the last place she ever expected him to be, reminding her what love really looks like, Sarah knows that home is exactly where she needs to go in order to make things right. Even though her cousin, the GrandAlpha over the five packs, has vowed to kill her new mate if he ever sees him again.

My Thoughts…

I am invested in the Lunar Falls Pack.   The other books in this series included the stories of my friends.     When I picked up this novella I was unsure how I would like a short story about people who I look forward to reading more about, but I LOVED this novella.    It reminded me of how grand the GrandAlpha, Gabe, is.   It reminded me how loving the families are.   It reminded me how wolves are pack animals, not loners.    

Zach did his pack wrong.   Sarah was devastated that her father and her brother both did the pack wrong.   This of course brought them together, although it was not intentional.      The heat was burning hot, the attraction was immediate, and their coming together was exactly perfect.     

This is definitely a book that you need to read the rest of the series before picking it up.   There is a need to understand the rules and the why’s of the pack.     But it is so worth it.   This entire series is wonderful. 

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