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The Metabolism Solution by Lisa Lynn and Author Interview

Published February 28, 2014 by Xulon Press

Fitness specialist Lisa Lynn, who has been the guest expert on television programs like the Dr. Oz Show, reveals the hidden reasons you are not succeeding in your quest for weight loss. If it feels like a mystery to you, that s because the mainstream media and fitness businesses are earning a profit from keeping you in the dark. Lisa Lynn shows you how to free your mind from fear-based attempts through the power of God, improving not just your body, but your entire life. The breakthrough health system Lisa Lynn has created gives you not only effective recipes and real techniques, but the true reasons why nothing else has worked. Discover the answers to questions you haven t even known to ask and the drive to finally push through to the turning point in your life."

My Thoughts…

I have been steadily working out and trying to lose weight (isn’t everyone) for the last two years.  When a book comes across that will give me hints and help on what I have been doing wrong and encourage me with things I have been doing right I do not hesitate to pick it up.  Lisa Lynn wrote that book.   It gives me insight onto what I need to change to get better results and how to change them.   It also gave me many suggestions that I had never considered.   I am anxious to get to work and try many of her suggestions.   

While Lisa Lynn is, of course, trying to sell her product, she also gives great advice and guidance on what really works when trying to lose weight.  She takes what is being told by others and tells why it does or does not work.  When it does not work she offers great alternatives.   The options she suggests are real life options.  They are the ones that real normal people can afford and can realistically do.   She also holds the reader accountable.   There is no sugar coating and making it sound easy.  I love this.   There are no quick fixes to losing weight just hard work and lots of determination.  

If you are struggling or at a loss of what to do next with your weight lose this is the book for you.   I can recommend reading it and taking the advice, I know I am going to do just that.  

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Author Interview with Lisa Lynn

​1. ​What made you write this book​? How much did timing play a role in your finishing the book?

After 20 years of people asking "DO YOU HAVE A ​BOOK", I decided my someday was right NOW. After my Dr. OZ episodes, I was being bombarded with emails and since I answer each and every one to this day, I thought it would be more efficient to put it all in a book so everyone can get the help they need.

2. ​Your book is quite comprehensive, how long did it take you?

Yes it is quite comprehensive! People who have done the program refer to it as their LIFESTYLE bible and say it’s the only book they will ever need since it has what to eat, when to eat it, ​a workout as well as 100 delicious recipes to choose from each day! I made sure I put everything people need to know and left nothing unanswered.​ As much as it looked like an overnight project, it’s a lifetime of learning wrapped into one book.  Once I made the decision to do it,it took me 6 months to get it all out of my head and onto paper.

3. ​What was the most helpful technique that you used that you can share with aspiring authors?

I had to prioritize my writing everyday versus​ doing it when I felt like it. I set aside time every day in the morning because that’s when I can think clearly, so schedule it into your day like any other appointment and set a DONE date or you’ll never finish! I meet authors every day who work on their books for 20 years and never finish them because they don’t set a done date.

4. ​Should readers who don’t want to lose weight read this book? And why?

This book isn't just for people who want to lose weight but for anyone who needs hope in their life or loves to cook, ​as well as anyone who needs to improve their health! The Metabolism Solution makes eating gluten free easy and much more delicious without all of the fuss and added expense. I also speak a lot about GOD and your BODY, so anyone who is interested in growing spiritually and wants to know what GOD has to say about ou​r health should read The Metabolism Solution, not to mention it has an awesome workout you can do at home that will strengthen your bones and make you stronger!

5.​What makes your book​ different from​  all of the other diets books out there?

Most books focus on what to eat and forget all about the other factors that play a role in our metabolism. The Metabolism is very different from other books because it doesn't just tell you what NOT to eat the way other plans do, it explains why you shouldn't do certain things and how they affect your metabolism. The best part is that it gives you recipes that are fast and easy that​ your whole family will love so you can take your focus off of food and begin to focus on life instead! It also gives you the workout and attitude adjustments needed for long term success, not to mention it includes our relationship with GOD and how it affects our body.

6. ​What about this gluten free trend—does your plan work around this?

Most people over complicate eating gluten free and this causes them to gain weight and spend lots of money. The metabolism solution makes eating gluten free easy, much more delicious and it helps you simplify eating gluten free because nothing is better for your metabolism than eating lean proteins and veggies that NEVER contained gluten to begin with.​

7. ​Do you think gluten free is good for weight loss?

YES! Gluten and weight loss don’t go together very well.​The leanest people have always stayed away from gluten and only recently has gluten free become some buzz word YET it’s been the better way to eat and lose weight for centuries!
8. ​What can fans expect next?  Is there another book in the works?
LOL fans...I’m as normal as your neighbor, I promise! I still do my own grocery shopping, clean my house and struggle to get up and work out every day, BUT anyone who needs help can count on me being available to help them anytime. I will continue to research and find new ways to boost the most sluggish metabolisms and, of course, I am already working on my next book that will help families and teens as well as Cancer Survivors as I am a survivor myself.

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  1. This sounds like a good idea for weight loss and health. We're always open to new ideas. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. BTW - I do have a US mailing address for a physical copy of the book. Thanks again.