Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Release Blitz for The Shake Off by Lulu Moore



The Shake Off by Lulu Moore is now live! 

My name is Ace Watson, and I’m having an existential crisis.

I finished last season as one of the league's best pitchers. Baseball’s smooth-talking boy wonder. The future of The New York Lions.

I'm starting this season as the worst.

And I don't want to sound dramatic, but the fault lies entirely with Payton Lopez.

She walked into my life with her mile long legs and dark brown waves, and threw me the curviest of all curve balls. Overnight my ability to pitch disappeared with my ability to charm, and I found myself riding a one way ticket to being the most expensive bench warmer in the M.L.B.

The only solution: to get Payton to fix what she broke, something she agrees to on one very easy condition.

Before long, what started as a way to get my pitch back, soon turns into any excuse I can find for us to spend time together.

Before long, I have everything I didn't even realize I wanted.

Now I just need to prove to her that while I exist without baseball, I can’t live without her.

Payton Lopez might have thrown me a curve ball, but I’m pitching it right back.

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Meet Lulu


Lulu started writing by accident, and somehow found herself stuck in a fictional world of ice hockey, baseball and billionaires. A world she has no plans to leave. She's the creator of The New York Players Series, The Tuesday Club Series, and The New York Lions - the worst team in the M.L.B.

More recently she's ventured across the Atlantic to where her latest novel is set - the beautiful cities of Oxford and Cambridge, and the annual rowing showdown on the River Thames.

She's a big fan of strong heroines, because those fierce alphas need someone to keep them in check. You'll find her navigating her way through Romance Land one HEA at a time, and trying to figure out the latest social media platform she needs to post to.


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