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Book Review for The Me List by Julee Balko

 The Me List by Julee Balko

Published:  January 24, 2024 by Black Rose Writing


Taken from Goodreads:
  Ziplining despite being scared of heights. Learning yoga when you're afraid of downward anything. Facing your strained relationship with your mother. When Olivia writes a ME List, she picks 10 things to get her out of her suburban mom funk. But what she really needs is to figure out how to deal with her next-door neighbor, nemesis, and new boss-Patricia. Patricia is the top realtor in their town and has the perfect life. But when Olivia agrees to be Patricia's assistant, she discovers Patricia's life isn't as perfect as she thought. The Me List is a touching tale about the complexity of friendship, the importance of reserving judgment, and the rocky path that life takes as we get older. Julee Balko brings snark and heart to this journey of self-improvement with a keen eye for flawed characters. Can a list change a life?


My Thoughts:  The Me List is a quick book to read.   There are only a few characters so it is easy to keep track of them and their story stays right on track.   Olivia is living a partial life.   She loves her husband and daughter but is missing part of herself.  Patricia is the mean neighbor but somehow gets Olivia to work for her.

The Me List that Olivia makes pushes her to make herself happier.    The 10 items on her list are all things she wants to do for herself.  I liked that she recognized what was either missing or what she was struggling with and was willing to work to “fix” them.   There was at least one item on the Me List for every person that read this book to relate to.     I wish that her husband was more understanding and wanting to support her.  His sarcasm and criticism did not sit well with me.  I felt like he was holding her back at every step or making fun of her.  

I love the idea of a Me List and everyone should have one.  Hopefully those in your life will support you and encourage you to become a happier person.


Thank you GetRedPr for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


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