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Book Review for Secret Santa Claus Club by Jeff Janke with a GIVEAWAY


Synopsis (from Amazon):

Why do we spend so much time and effort creating a fairytale world for our children, just to take it away from them? Author Jeff Janke faced that dilemma three years ago when his daughter started questioning her belief in Santa Claus. Like most parents, he had two problems to solve--how to gently teach his child the true meaning of Christmas, and how to prevent her from spoiling the fairytale for other children. Out of this problem, Secret Santa Claus Club was born.

 Secret Santa Claus Club is a beautifully illustrated story about a little girl thinking back on the magic of each Christmas. She remembers meeting Santa at the mall and seeing her first bike under the tree on Christmas morning. As time goes on, she starts to wonder if it's all real. When she decides she's ready to know the truth--her parents help guide her to the true meaning of the holiday.

 Secret Santa Claus Club was written to be a tool for parents during these challenging moments. Combined with love, patience, and compassion, SSCC will help transition the reader from believing to becoming. At the end of the story, your child will be invited to join Secret Santa Claus Club. They'll understand the importance of keeping the secret, creating the magic for believers, and helping other members of the club.

 My Thoughts:   The Secret Santa Claus Club is a cute way to let a child in on the secret of Santa, while keeping the magic of Christmas alive.   BECAREFUL who you read this to, if your child believes this book will change that. 

The pictures in this book are amazing.  Each picture shows a child growing up and her excitement of waking up to her Santa present each Christmas Morning.  I could feel her excitement as she always received exactly what she wanted, whether she had told Santa or not. 

The story is short but sweet, the lesson is shared in a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive.   I enjoyed reading it and look forward to sharing it with my nephews when they are old enough to be let into the Secret Santa Claus Club.




Author Bio:

 Jeff Janke is a single dad who considers himself more of a problem solver than an author. When his daughter started questioning Santa, he wrote a book to help guide her from a world of believing in Santa to a community of truly becoming Santa. When his daughter wanted to invite other friends into the club (after they learned the secret), and after lots of encouragement from friends and family who have faced the same dilemma, he decided to publish Secret Santa Claus Club to help other parents and children too!






 "I recommend using Secret Santa Claus Club to help break the news to any child. Or if your kid knows already, like mine did, it can help put the strange idea of "becoming" Santa into perspective. There's some emphasis on keeping the secret from other believers (and helping spread the magic), which I really appreciate. Very glad I purchased. The quality is excellent.  But most importantly, the story is really sweet."

— Erin M. (Amazon reviewer)


"Having the Santa talk was one of the hardest things I've faced as a parent. This book truly helps lesson the blow and lift up my child's outlook on the entire transition. I'd highly recommend grabbing this book to have it by your side for when it's your turn!"

—  Amber Goetz (Amazon reviewer)


"I know many parents struggle with the “when” and “how” to have the discussion with their child(ren). The simplicity, honesty, and point of fact way that the author presents the truth is exactly what I desired for my children. The art amongst the pages are vivid and bright and quite aesthetically pleasing. This book is short, sweet, and to the point. It is by far an amazingly gentle way to inform our kiddos of what was, what is, and what is to come in their journey with Santa Claus."

—  Carleen Markivich (Amazon reviewer)


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