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Book Blitz for Doc Showmance by Zoe Forward with a GIVEAWAY

 Doc Showmance by Zoe Forward

Publication date: January 10th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


From USA Today bestselling author Zoe Forward comes a new enemies-to-lovers veterinary RomCom.

I would say Dr. Ian Todd is my archenemy. But that would require us acknowledging each other, which we haven’t done since we graduated veterinary school.

He’s famous. As in, he’s the world’s “Sexiest Veterinarian Alive” with his own wildlife TV show and a string of glamorous girlfriends.

I’m infamous as a reality TV emergency veterinarian with a snark mouth, take-no-crap attitude, and zero dating life.

When asked to fake a romance with him on TV to boost my ER show’s ratings, I want to say no-way, but the extra money will pay off my brother’s loan shark debt. Even though Ian broke my heart, playing his love interest shouldn’t be hard, especially if it means getting to watch him squirm.

Lines get blurred when the TV setups stop feeling fake. Can I chance this might be real love?

EXCERPT:  I braced my free hand on one side of her head and leaned in. “I think you came over here for something different altogether.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Not yet.”

“I mean it. I want you to quit your job at the emergency hospital and get the hell out of my work world.”

“If I quit, you’ll make sure to push me completely out of your life, which to me is unacceptable.” I put the drink down on the hallway table but didn’t allow her to move away.

“None of this is real,” she gritted out.

“It’s not, huh? You know the problem with you, Amber? You don’t know when to stop pushing. You just keep pushing and pushing.”

I leaned in and covered her mouth with a hard kiss.

She ripped her mouth free but didn’t struggle to get away from me. Heaving for oxygen, she blinked up at me.

“Admit this is what you came here for.”

“I hate you.”

“But you want me.”

“Like hell I do.”

“You want me. It’s why you’re spitting mad.”

I kissed her again. This time her mouth opened. At first, she remained tense, not giving in to the touch of my tongue to hers, but within seconds, she leaned into me as her emotions superseded her will. Her fingers curled into my shoulders. For days we’d been dancing around each other, seeking an outlet. Now it was here.

When the kiss finally ended, she rolled her head to one side. “Stop.”

I did stop kissing her mouth, but only to lay kisses down the column of her neck in a path to her collarbone. “You want this as much as I do.”


USA Today bestselling author, parent, wife, veterinarian, chocolate lover. Author of spicy paranormal and contemporary romances. Zoe Forward brings readers the perfect combination of action adventure, romance, humor and a bit of magic.

Her novels have won numerous awards including the Prism, Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers’ Best Award.

You can find her residing in the South with a menagerie of four-legged beasts and two wild kids

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