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Book Review for West Side Love Story by Priscilla Oliveras

 West Side Love Story by Priscilla Oliveras

Kindle Edition

Expected publication: May 3rd 2022

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


Taken from Goodreads:  A heart-stirring romance of star-crossed love, feuding familias, and the bonds of sisterhood by USA Today bestselling author Priscilla Oliveras.

Two familias in Texas, both alike in dignity, rivalries, and passion…

Having grown up in the nurturing household of Casa Capuleta, Mariana will do anything for familia. To solve her adoptive parents’ financial problems amid their rapidly changing San Antonio comunidad, Mariana and her younger sisters are determined to win the Battle of the Mariachi Bands. That means competing against Hugo Montero, their father’s archnemesis, and his band and escalating a decades-old feud. It also raises the stakes of Mariana’s forbidden attraction for a certain dark-eyed mariachi who sets her heart racing.

To Angelo Montero’s familia, Mariana is also strictly off-limits. But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her. As their secret affair intensifies and the competition grows fierce, they’re swept up in a brewing storm of betrayals, rivalries, and broken ties. Against the odds, they vow to bring peace. But sacrifices must be made and consequences weighed for two star-crossed lovers to make beautiful music together.

My Thoughts:  West Side Story retelling.  I love my musicals and West Side Story is a favorite.   This is that type of a story.   Two young people meet on New Years Eve and share a kiss that neither of them can forget.  They part, no names exchange, and assume they will never see each other again.  Until they do, and they realize that their families are in a lifelong feud.  


The book seemed to me to start slow.  There was much background given on the families, sometimes it felt like to much.  I was in a hurry to get to the romance, to the drama, and to the families getting past the feud.   I found myself skimming some paragraphs and looking for the dialogue.  There was a lot of information given about the Capuleta family but not as much about the Montero family, in terms of the feud I was needing the same amount of information about both families. 


West Side Love Story was easy to read, the romance was fun, the Capuleta family was amazing with their foster family being so full of love.   I would recommend it to anyone who loves the West Side Story type of story.  If you are not Spanish speaking there are some phrases that you will not know, but I was able to move past them and get the just of the conversation.  

**Thank you to Melissa, Assistant to Priscilla Oliveras for a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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Meet Priscilla Oliveras (Taken from her website):  My first language was Spanish, followed quickly by Spanglish as I learned new words and phrases from other kids on the playground. With a Mexican American dad who served in the Navy and a Puerto Rican mom who earned her business degree from the University of Puerto Rico, my life growing up featured a wonderful mix of our two Latinx cultures while we moved with the military and made new friends from all walks of life along the way. Kind of what I hope my books bring you–new friends who might have a different background and are fun to spend time with. 🙂

I’ve always been a reader—my parents fondly recall how I won a trophy in 2nd grade for reading the most books over the summer.  In high school I wrote a few short stories, and I read my first Harlequin romance while waiting in a hurricane shelter with my parents and siblings in the Florida Keys. True story: When I started complaining about being bored, my papi—yes, my dad, that’s not a typo—handed me one of his Harlequin romance novels.



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