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Book Review for Know You by Heart by Tif Marcelo

 Know You by Heart by Tif Marcelo 

Paperback, 334 pages

Publication: April 5th 2022 by Montlake

Genre:  Romance


Taken from Goodreads:  From the USA Today bestselling author of In a Book Club Far Away comes a delightful installment in the Heart Resort series about finding love that’s been right in front of you all along.

As the oldest child in his family, Chris Puso has always taken his responsibilities seriously. He’ll do whatever it takes to ensure Heart Resort’s success. Four and a half years ago, that meant marrying Eden, a woman he admired but didn’t love, to access a family trust that benefited them both.

Eden Puso, a.k.a. romance author Everly Heart, believes in true love—in her novels, at least. But her marriage to Chris was more about funding her writing career and supporting her family than finding her happily ever after. And despite their mutual attraction toward one another, they stayed loyal to the contract…for the most part.

With six months until the end of their contract and with their careers taking off, their marriage of convenience has become, well, a little inconvenient. A competing resort threatens to usurp Heart Resort, and Chris and Eden band together to preserve its reputation, including doing a retreat themselves. But as the retreat uncovers their history and their hidden love for one another, can their relationship survive so their partnership reaches its natural conclusion?

My Thoughts:  Oh wow!  I needed this book.  I was in a small funk and this fun, flirty, sexy story pulled me right out of that funk.  Chris and Eden were both successful people and that was in part due to a contract they signed almost 5 years ago.  With the contract set to expire, they can go their own ways.  The problem?  They do not want to go their own ways but are not quite ready to admit that to each other yet.

I love the Heart Resort and the Puso family.  They fight, the love, and they work together to make the resort a dream come true.  Eden married into the family and her dream was to be an author.  I enjoyed that her dream also came true with the support of her family and the Puso family.   The family dynamics of both Chris and Eden’s family play such a huge part in their story. 

There were sometimes that I did not like Chris.  He put his needs before Eden’s.  He asked her to attend events, entertain his friends, or not visit her family to help him in his resort instead of pushing her to follow her dream of writing.   I loved that Eden did not always give into him and she put her writing and family first in her life.

Know You by Heart is part of a series but you do not have to read the first book to enjoy the second book.  The setting of the resort is a common thread along with the Puso family but each book is its own story with a HEA.

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Meet Tif Marcelo (taken from her website): Tif Marcelo is a veteran US Army nurse and holds a BS in Nursing and a Master’s in public administration. She believes and writes about the strength of families, the endurance of friendship, heartfelt romances, and is inspired daily by her own military hero husband and four children. She hosts The Stories to Love Podcast, and is the USA Today bestselling author of In a Book Club Far AwayOnce Upon a SunsetThe Key to Happily Ever After, which was a Target Diverse Book Club pick, The Holiday Switch, and the Heart Resort and Journey to the Heart series. She and her books have been featured in The Today Show, Shondaland, Real Simple Magazine, The Asian Journal and more! Her website, which includes a link to her newsletter, is

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