Monday, October 25, 2021

Release Tour for Come Back to My by Aubree Valentine


Bryce and Lacey were only supposed to share one night together, but it turned into so much more. Will war destroy Bryce, or will love conquer all? Fans of Kennedy Fox and Susan Stoker will love Come Back to Me by Aubree Valentine, a second chance, fling to forever, damaged hero, military romance.


What happens when a one-night stand turns into something more and war threatens to destroy the man Lacey fell in love with?

For Bryce, the Army was his life. There was no time for romance, relationships, or the drama that came with them.

That all changed when he met her.

Lacey had her own responsibilities to worry about.

Responsibilities that did not include falling for a tattooed bad boy in a military uniform.

Breaking all her own rules, she agreed to one date and the promise of a night of pleasure she'd never forget.

It was only supposed to be one night of unbridled passion between two strangers. But it quickly turned into so much more.

Come Back to Me is an emotional military romance that will tug on your heartstrings and keep you on the edge of your seat.

***This title is a re-release. Same title. Same main characters, a few changes, a brand new series, and a fresh new look.***

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Copyright 2021 Aubree Valentine

Lacey cracked open the paint can and poured the new shade of sea foam green into a pan while grinning over her shoulder at Bryce. “This is really how you want to spend your day?”

“As long as I’m spending it with you.”
“We could be spending it doing other things, but…”

“Hand me a paint brush.” He ignored her comment and went on to trimming in around the window frame, sighing.

She was still holding out on him. Refusing to admit they were more than just friends. He was afraid to admit it, but he may have officially been friend-zoned; that is, if you cuddled in bed and literally slept with friends. A month later, and he couldn’t get her to agree that there was something going on between them.

They’d been spending all their free time together, getting to know each other, falling asleep in each other’s arms. But still, nothing. Shit, case in point, she had somehow recruited him for projects around her house, and he wasn’t even getting sex out of the deal. He was in way over his head with this one.

He may be selfish, but at least he wasn’t sleeping in the barracks every night and dealing with the ridiculous Texas Heat during the day.

He’d tried everything to get through to her, though. Confessed his feelings every chance he got. Maybe that was it? Maybe he was coming on too strong. If he laid low, he feared he’d lose her all together.

“You’re thinking awfully loud over there.” Lacey pulled his attention away from his mind that was running in circles.

The filter between his brain and his mouth had clearly been damaged by paint fumes. “Aren’t you ready to give in yet and admit that there’s more going on here?”

Turning toward him, Lacey batted her lashes. “Whatever do you mean? There’s a lot going on here, Bryce. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a remodel. There’s more than just painting that needs to be done.”

“Tease. You’re a goddamn tease, Lacey.” He dropped his paintbrush and stalked in her direction. Maybe if he gave her just a taste, she would change her mind.

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About Aubree Valentine 

Aubree Valentine began her book world career back in 2016 as a virtual assistant for a friend/author and as a book blogger. While working with authors, PR companies, and fellow bloggers, she fell even more in love with the Indie community and decided to launch her own small scale PR company where she continued to hone her skills as a virtual assistant to several authors and studied the ins and outs of what it takes to help succeed in the industry.

Aubree doesn't always hang out behind the scenes though and has put her business knowledge to good use for herself as well. Her first book, Take Back My Heart, was released in the fall of 2016, with its follow-up - Come Back to Me launching a year later.

When she's not working with her favorite clients, you can find her penning fun and flirty stories about all of her imaginary and very smexy alphas. This includes her current and most popular series, Too Hot To Handle.

Aubree has a degree in sarcasm and resides in Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, chasing after her twins and her three furbabies, cuddling with her husband, and coming up with new project ideas that often involve power tools.

She's usually always online via Facebook or Instagram @authoraubreevalentine.

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