Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Release Blitz for Baby Blue by Leesa Wright


Baby Blue by Leesa Wright is out now! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this gorgeous historical romance today!

Title: Baby Blue

Author: Leesa Wright

Genre: Historical Romance

About Baby Blue:

The saga of the Corrington brothers continues from the heart of San Francisco to Woodstock. Baby Blue takes the reader from the hippy movement through the post-war trials of returning Vietnam veterans.   Captain Donall Corrington: A Naval fighter pilot recovering from the physical and mental wounds from his time as a prisoner of war. Sitting on the dock of the bay, Donall meets Anablue Baker: A quirky flower child, alone and lost in the world. The Daughter of a vengeful admiral who has no problem using her for his gain. Anablue grieves for her twin brother lost to the horrors of war. Torn from the arms of the man she loves, terrified for her life, and to save her lover, Anablue flees to face her future on the run.   Captivated by her sky-blue eyes, nothing will stop Donall from righting the wrong of forbidden love. Returning to his arms the one woman he’s waited a lifetime to find.   Leesa Wright has again brought her love of history to life in this new 20th Century Historical Fiction Romance. Baby Blue is available now.   Come and be swept up in this romantic saga set amidst the tumultuous sixties. When a nation at war cries for peace and star-crossed lovers go on the adventure of a lifetime.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Where’s the kid?” “What kid?” “The little shitty one.” The hippy said. “I don’t have a kid, shitty or otherwise,” Donall replied. The hippy looked at him, then leaned over the counter to look at the floor. “Same blue shirt, no kid,” he mumbled. “You’re sure?” “Yeah, I’m sure,” Donall replied as he picked up a bottle of strawberry oil, opened it, and sniffed the fragrance. The hippy, a little wild-eyed now. “And the patchouli oil for your old lady?” “She’s not old, and trust me, she doesn’t need it," Donall replied. The hippy scratched his head and gave him a strange look. “That’s exactly what you said before.” “You okay, man?” Looking at his name tag. “You been sniffing glue on break, Mike?” Donall asked. “Wow, this is far out, man. Maybe I dropped too much acid last night,” Mike replied. Donall nodded his head, “Yeah. You might want to consider saving some brain cells, dude.” and he turned to leave. “Peace out, man, power to the people,” Mike said as he raised his hand and gave him the peace sign. “Yeah, peace,” Donall replied. Donall noted the red Camaro was gone. He climbed on his bike, revving the engine. He pulled away from the curb. Maybe I should take Anablue on a bike ride this weekend. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.  

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About Leesa Wright:

Leesa makes her home in the Twin Cities metro area with her husband and her two dogs Rosie and Jax. When she isn’t writing she enjoys gardening, painting, and reading romance novels. She and her husband also enjoy movies, traveling, and entertaining their two grown children along with several beautiful grandchildren. Leesa’s favorite romance authors are Kathleen Woodwiss, Christine Feehan, and Johanna Lindsey. The book’s inspiration came one night from a dream about the characters, a song, and the story around them.  

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