Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Review for Beyond the Sea: A Wren at War by Christian Lamb

 Beyond the Sea: A Wren at War by  Christian Lamb

Paperback, 240 pages

Publication: August 19th 2021 by Mardle Books


liked it

From Goodreads:
  Love, duty and true-life adventure in the shadow of the Second World War.

Christian Lamb is one of the last surviving Wren Officers to have served throughout the Second World War, from Blitz ravaged London, to the important Radar and Operations rooms and undertaking a vital role in D Day.

Escaping both the Spanish Flu pandemic when she was born and the pandemic we are emerging from today, she has reached the impressive age of 101. Now she leads us through the story of her extraordinary life and the wartime experiences of her fellow Wrens.

My Thoughts:  I love a good memoir, especially one set during WWII.   The story of the wrens is something I have read quite a bit about, but this is the first memoir for me.   I loved that it was a firsthand account and a story that was lived, not just being repeated.   The people she met, the places she traveled, the jobs she had, and the things she saw are a huge part of history.   As the story was told it was shared that many people who lived during WWII do not talk about their lives during that time, it is not a time of fun.  Yet, this story shared the good and the bad.   There are certainly more tough times but there were also friendships made, skills learned, and love found. 

Each chapter was labeled with what was going to be shared, which I really enjoyed as I was then able to anticipate what was coming and recall anything I already knew about the subject.   I found it amazing at everything that Christian Lamb was able to recall and the people that she was able to contact to enhance the story and share more about the happenings in the world during that time.  

I recommend picking up your own copy of Beyond the Sea and enjoying a first hand view of the work of the Wren’s during WWII.


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