Friday, November 23, 2018

REVIEW of Master of His Fate by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Hardcover, 416 pages
Expected publication: November 20th 2018 by St. Martin's Press

From New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford comes the first book in a stunning new historical saga.

Victorian England is a country of sharp divides between rich and poor, but James Lionel Falconer is everything a self-made man should be: handsome, ambitious, charming, and brimming with self-confidence. Even as a boy working in his father's market stall in Camden, he was determined to become a merchant prince. Through hard work and a single-minded determination, James rises quickly through the ranks, with a loving wife, devoted children, and a lofty position in the Malvern & Malvern Company. But when back-to-back tragedies strike the Falconer home, shattering this idyllic life, it seems as though James might never recover his former glory...until a royal summons gives him the chance to prove that he truly is a master of the game.

The first book in an expansive and intricately detailed new historical fiction series from master storyteller Barbara Taylor Bradford, Master of the Game is filled with drama, intrigue, and Bradford's trademark cast of compelling characters. 

My Thoughts…

Barbara Taylor Bradford is amazing.   She takes a time that is so far into history and brings it to life.   As a fan of hers, I know that when I pick up one of her amazing books I will be taken back in time to a land that I am not familiar with, customs that are not known to me, and a way of life that I’ve only heard about in a history lesson.      Her books are the best history lessons I have ever read.       I can picture the horse drawn carriages, the esteemed houses lit up by gas lights, the beautiful corset style dresses, and the rest of the wonders of the era.    

I loved how involved James’ grandparents were in his life.   They let him live while giving him the knowledge, the support, and once in a while a shove in the right direction to make his dreams come true.  James’ knows what he wants to do and while he is not from a wealthy family he is taught manners and is educated to make it possible for him to reach his goal of being “Prince Merchant” for Malvern’s.   

I would put Master of His Fates in the categories of  historical fiction,  women’s fiction with the twist of romance and suspense.     All of the above categories are ones that I look to when I am in need of a book to read.     Barbara Taylor Bradford does an amazing job of weaving together the storylines, making them come together seamlessly, and pulling the reader in. 

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