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Paperback240 pages
Published October 23rd 2018 by Kirkpatrick Foundation

The Love Can Be literary collection brings together 32 authors of all backgrounds as well as previously printed and brand new work. The Kirkpatrick Foundation assumes all costs of publication, which leaves the proceeds to go directly towards a number of Oklahoma animal welfare organizations as well as a host of organizations chosen by each author.

Do you remember your first beloved pet? The animal or connection that changed your life? In LOVE CAN BE: A LITERARY COLLECTION ABOUT OUR ANIMALS (University of Oklahoma Press; ISBN-13: 978-0999699300; 240 Pages/$19.95; November 13, 2018), over thirty authors explore the relationships they’ve had with animals, from first companions to current family members. Author Contributors include Joyce Carol Oates, Blake Bailey, Wayne Coyne, Delia Ephron, Alexander McCall Smith, Julia Alvarez, and many more.

From heart-wrenching stories to warm (and furry) memories, the collection presents a broad range of poems, short stories, and essays, featuring eighteen new stories as well as a number of classics. The Kirkpatrick Foundation, a leading philanthropic organization, created this anthology to help bring awareness to the need for more expansive animal welfare movements across the country. Each of the authors chose to donate their honoraria to various organizations dedicated to helping animals, including the Humane Society and other pet and wildlife-focused groups.

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Stephen Wells, Executive Director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, has this to say:

“Love Can Be is a collection that belongs on every animal lover's bookshelf. It is clear that the authors whose essays and poems are in this collection care deeply for the animals in their lives — the animals who are family, and those encountered in the wild. Some pieces are moving, even funny, tributes to the animals who share the writers' homes. There are also poignant examinations of how animals shape our world, how by trying to understand animals we can better understand ourselves.”

The Kirkpatrick Foundation is an Oklahoma-based philanthropy that aids in the areas of art, culture, education, animal well-being, environmental conservation, and historic preservation. Since its establishment in 1955, the Kirkpatrick Foundation has given away more than $70 million in philanthropic funding. In 2012, the foundation began a major initiative to make Oklahoma the safest and most humane place to be an animal by the year 2032, and they are especially committed to the areas of: community, education and research, farm and industry, public safety, shelter administration, socio-economic issues, and wildlife and conservation.  As part of this Safe and Humane initiative, Kirkpatrick Foundation hosts the ANIMAL conference every three years to bring together leaders, advocators, and educators in animal well-being to discuss current issues and topics on the state of animals in Oklahoma.
Last year, the Kirkpatrick Foundation gave grants to over 40 animal welfare organizations, about half of which are national or worldwide, and the majority of which receive no government or state assistance in order to operate, relying solely on individual donations and volunteers. Kirkpatrick Foundation works with Animal Grantmakers, the only funder affinity group focused solely on animal protection.
About Louisa McCune:
Louisa McCune is Executive Director of the Kirkpatrick Foundation. McCune oversees all operations, communications, grant-making, and the foundations two programs, ArtDesk and Safe & Humane. At ArtDesk Magazine, McCune is Editor in Chief. She is a loving owner of three pets as well.
About Teresa Miller:
Teresa Miller wrote the compelling historical novel, Remnants of Glory before a devastating eighteen year writer’s block and depression kept her from writing. Instead, she took her passion for storytelling and pledged to advocate for other authors, becoming the executive host and producer of the television program Writing Out Loud. On the show, Miller interviews many of the nation’s leading writers and performers and previously taught writing at Oklahoma State University. She has since written another novel, Family Correspondence, as well as a memoir, Means of Transit.

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