Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This Is Not Over by Holly Brown

Paperback, 400 pages
Expected publication: January 17th 2017 by William Morrow Paperbacks 

Two women are caught in an escalating game of cat-and-mouse that leads to an explosive ending in this breathtaking psychological thriller from the author of a Necessary End and Don’t Try to Find Me.

You’ll have your deposit within seven business days, just like it says on I’ve put through a refund to your credit card for the full amount, minus $200 to replace the sheets. I couldn’t get the stain out despite professional laundering and bleaching. . .

All Dawn wanted was to stay in a beautiful beach house with her husband, to live like money’s no object, for just one long weekend. Then Miranda, the home’s owner, has to send an e-mail like this, full of lies and the suggestion that Dawn’s so dirty, she needs to throw out her sheets. Someone needs to teach Miranda a lesson.

Beware of your "host"
I wouldn’t leave a review on at all, if I didn’t feel it was my civic duty to warn others . . .

Miranda cannot believe her eyes. Yes, she may be a doctor’s wife, but she needs the rental money from the beach house desperately. Someone needs to teach this Dawn a lesson.

Two very different women with one thing in common: Each one knows she’s right, and each is determined to win this battle of words and wills and (eventually) worse. Neither will yield, not before they’ve dredged up hidden secrets, old hurts, and painful truths that threaten to shatter the foundations of their lives.

Because it’s never really just about the sheets, is it?

This is not over.

This is so not over. 

My Thoughts…

This is Not Over is a different book.    Written about two women who have never met yet have a hate for each beyond anything I have ever seen.  I felt like it was 2 teenagers acting out yet these women are grown, adults, married, and insane.   

I wanted to choose a side, pick a winner but both of these women deserved nothing…NOTHING!    Dawn and Miranda could have been people I know.   They were married, Miranda has a son, they volunteered and went to school, they seemed normal if you take away all the emails, texts, and website posts.   These posts, emails, and text messages were the focus of the book.    Neither could believe they were wrong or even partially wrong, they were sure they were right, 100% right.  No room for discussion, no doubt, and no giving in.  

When I finished the book I just sat back and thought Oh My, what did I just read?   I will admit that I am not sure yet I could not stop turning the pages.  Holly Brown had me from the first email and kept me entertained until the end.  

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