Friday, January 6, 2017

Loving Vivienne: The Publicist Book Six by Christina George

What happens when you fall in love with a man you can never have?

Vivienne has it all, a successful writing career, a hit movie, a life most women dream of. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. So when a handsome, successful doctor saves her from near death, Vivienne is certain she’s finally met the man of her dreams… Until she discovers who he is… or rather who his father is. The man who single-handedly tore apart her brother’s life. Can she put the past behind her? Will she choose family over love? Or will she lose the man she feels destined to be with?

 My Thoughts…

I love love love this series.    Mac, Kate, and Nick are my long lost friends.  I have followed them from the very beginning and was so excited to hear that Christina George was writing Vivienne’s story.    Vivienne is Nick’s younger sister who he raised when their parents died.    Vivienne is a new author that Kate is helping get published at Lavigne Publishing House.     

The story of Vivienne is amazing.     She goes on a beach vacation with her best friends and meets a sexy doctor, Dr. Dan, when she almost drowns in a riptide.      Of course, sparks fly and the attraction is undeniable.   I liked that her friends pushed her out of her comfort zone telling her to go on a date with him.     They knew she needed that push to get out of her shell and live a little.   Of course, as soon as the date was over they needed the details as any best friends would.    In true Publicist style things cannot be easy for anyone so there is a hiccup in their relationship.   It stirs up everyone involved and could put Dr. Dan and Vivienne’s relationship in jeopardy. 

Christina George does a great job of keeping her characters true to themselves.    They have learned from past mistakes and successes.    The lessons stay with them, letting them share these lessons with those they love.   Kate and Nick share all they went through to be together with Vivienne and manage to put the past behind them to give her the happiness she deserves.   

Loving Vivienne is wonderful.     I believe it can be read as a standalone but as with many series it would be more fun to read as part of the series.    

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  1. Charlotte thank you so much for this review! I sincerely appreciate it! So glad you enjoyed the book...