Friday, January 20, 2017

Tangle of Strings (Sweeney Sisters #4) by Ashley Farley

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: January 18th 2017
A nearly tragic accident leads to a discovery that rocks the Sweeney family’s world

Some families never resolve conflicts. Not so with the Sweeneys. Their sense of family, their love for one another, and their willingness to forgive have always triumphed and brought them back together. Until now. The latest crisis threatens to tear the family apart and crumble the foundation that has always proved itself rock solid.

At the heart of the matter are sixteen-year-old Annie Bethune and her boyfriend, Cooper. At stake are their dreams for the future. As to these dreams, no one in the family holds back when asserting an opinion.

Annie soon begins to feel like a puppet on strings with all those she loves telling her what to do. When those strings become tangled and a family feud develops, Annie, unable to bear the pressure, runs away. Straight into the arms of danger.

My Thoughts…

I am loving the Sweeney Family.   They are sweet, feisty, and so protective of each other.    Even when they don’t see eye to eye they have each other’s backs.     They can fight each other but will be the first to defend each other to non-family members.      

This is the story of Annie, the high schooler that has been adopted into the Sweeney family.      The story of Annie and Cooper is the story of choices, future, and family.       They have to make decisions that will affect their futures with a lot of pressure from the rest of the family.   While the family drives me crazy with the pressure they put on the teenagers to make the decisions that the adults want, I understand that they want what is best for Cooper and Annie.     I liked that Annie was able to stand up for herself and say NO!   This is not what I want without alienating the family.     Of course, there are twists and turns within the storyline that all add to the story.   

There is nothing to change in this series or this family.   The characters are real, the setting is amazing, and the storyline is wonderful.   Ashley Farley has an amazing series that I cannot wait to learn more about.  

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  1. Thanks so much for your flattering review. I'm thrilled you are enjoying the Sweeney sisters.