Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Cavendon Luck: A Novel (Cavendon Hall #3) by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Hardcover, 512 pages
Published June 7th 2016 by St. Martin's Press

It is 1938 in England, and Miles and Cecily Ingham have lead the family in bringing the Cavendon estate back from the brink of disaster. But now, with the arrival of World War II, Cavendon Hall will face its biggest challenge yet. It is a challenge that will push the Inghams and Swanns to protect each other and the villagers, and reveal their true capacity for survival and rebirth.

Told with Bradford’s deft, evocative prose and featuring a beloved cast of characters, The Cavendon Luck is a story of intrigue, romance, sorrow, and joy that readers won’t soon forget. 

My Thoughts…

The Cavendon Luck is the third book in the Cavendon Hall series.    I read them in order and am torn as to whether they have to be read in order.    I liked knowing the history of the family and their friends but I feel like I could have picked up any of the books, in any order, and enjoyed them.   
The third book is my favorite.    The era of WWII and how the world is living during the war is portrayed wonderfully.     The world was not an easy place to live in and everyone, even the royalty, had to adjust their lifestyles.    I really enjoyed seeing how the Ingham and Swann families prepared for the war and how they helped keep their possessions safe.    The way they came together from all over the world to keep each other safe, support each other, and just be together was heartwarming.  

I was especially proud and invested in the women in this book.    They came together, worked hard, and made the best of a horrid happening.   They were the heroes of the Cavendon Hall.    They made food and clothes.   They gave support to the men, both those fighting and those not fighting.    When the book was done I continued to think about the Dee’s, Charlotte, and Cecily.     It is amazing that in a time when men were in charge these women stepped up did what had to be done and still stayed feminine. 

I recommend checking out this series.      The books have a lot of pages in them but are worth reading every word.   Barbara Taylor Bradford has a way with words that just pull you right into the story.  

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