Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The First Kiss by Grace Burrowes (Sweetest Kisses #2)

Published February 3, 2015 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

James Knightley's brothers worry he spends too much time at the office. But personal failures have caused James to find solace in his work as a law expert… and in the unfailing comfort of his little black book. 

Vera is a twice-divorced mom, fiercely protective of her young daughter, and a world-class piano soloist. When threatening messages cause her to fear for her daughter's safety, she turns to James for guidance. Business becomes pleasure until Vera learns of his past. As danger looms, can James convince her that he's not the man he used to be?

My Thoughts…

This is my first book in the Sweetest Kisses series and most definitely not my last.    When I picked this book up I was sure it was going to be a quick read that I just rushed through.   I was wrong.  It is an easy read, but it was not quick.   It is a book that I savored.   I read each page and chapter taking time with each word and then taking time at the end of each chapter to reflect back on what I had learned about the characters and where they were heading. 

The First Kiss is definitely a romance book, but it is so much more.  It is a sweet story about the life, not just the romance, of Vera and James.   It also shares what had happen with Trent, whose story was told in A Single Kiss (book 1).

I loved the farm settings.    The farms made great places to live, with the animals, privacy, and big houses making great places to fall in love.  I enjoyed that James and Vera were neighbors, yet they had to drive or trek through the woods to get to each other houses.   They each had their own space, yet were close enough to be there at a drop of a hat for each other.    

The mystery of who was stalking Vera was perfect.  I was sure that I knew who it was, but as the story was told I began to wonder if I was wrong.   I love when I think I know but then find out I was wrong.   The mystery was great and how the person who was stalking was caught and then punished was perfect for Vera.   Vera is a character that has given up so much control of her life that when given the chance to make decisions for herself proves how strong and capable she is.   

The First Kiss is a perfect read for the cold winter nights or the warm summer days.    I recommend it.

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