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Spotlight for The Lost Women of Mill Street by Kinley Bryan

 The Lost Women of Mill Street by Kinley Bryan

On sale May 7, 2024


Inspired by true events of the American Civil War’s final year, The Lost Women of Mill Street is a moving, evocative tale of two sisters caught between the warring factions.

1864: As Sherman’s army marches toward Atlanta, a cotton mill commandeered by the Confederacy lies in its path. Inside the mill, Clara Douglas weaves cloth and watches over her sister Kitty, waiting for the day her fiancé returns from the West.

When Sherman’s troops raid the town and destroy the mill, Clara’s plans to start a new life in Nebraska are threatened. Branded as traitors by the Federals, Clara, Kitty, and countless others are exiled to a desolate refugee prison hundreds of miles from home.

Cut off from everything they've ever known, Clara clings to hope while grappling with doubts about her fiancé’s ambitions and the unsettling truths surrounding his absence. As the days pass, the sisters find themselves thrust onto the foreign streets of Cincinnati, a city teeming with uncertainty and hostility. She must summon reserves of courage, ingenuity, and strength she didn’t know she had if she and Kitty are to survive in an unfamiliar, unwelcoming land.

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Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-lost-women-of-mill-street-kinley-bryan/1145229106

About the author:  An Ohio native, Kinley Bryan graduated summa cum laude from Kent State University with a degree in English and earned a master’s degree in communication management from John Carroll University. She applied her love of writing to the world of corporate communications before her fascination with historical fiction became too great to ignore.


Kinley's debut novel, Sisters of the Sweetwater Fury, set during the Great Lakes Storm of 1913, won the 2022 Publishers Weekly Selfies Award for adult fiction. Inspiration for The Lost Women of Mill Street arose during her time living in Roswell, Georgia, whereupon visiting the mill ruins she learned of the lost mill women and has been haunted by them since.

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