Saturday, May 4, 2024

Release Blitz for Sunny in Vegas by Theodora Taylor


Sunny in Vegas by Theodora Taylor is now live! 

The Ruthless Magnate Will See You Now

Someone I love did a truly terrible thing, and I’m working three jobs on top of my one as a showgirl at the Benton Las Vegas Grand to make up for it before anyone finds out—too late.

Cole Benton III, the ruthless CEO of the Benton Worldwide hotel empire, calls me into his glass office overlooking the Vegas skyline, demanding to know why I stole all the money from one of his grandmother’s charity funds.

I can’t tell him that.

“You are aware that I could have you fired, arrested, or worse,” he asks, his voice like black ice. Clearly dangerous.

Gulp. There’s a reason everyone calls him Triple Ice behind his back, and it goes way beyond the three Roman numerals behind his name. Rumor has it that he’s BFFs with the leader of a local cartel and that he’s not afraid to call him for favors.

But I can’t answer—not if it means throwing the real thief under his “or worse.”

I keep my mouth clamped closed.

And Triple Ice stares at me, his malevolent ice-chip eyes glittering with contempt.

Then he opens his desk drawer and pulls out…. a wedding ring???

Wait. What?!

This seriously spicy romantic comedy contains…

  • A suspicious Ice King of a CEO

  • A totally innocent showgirl Cinderella

  • Grandma blackmail (she’s ready for great-grandbabies)

  • A sexy contract with special terms and conditions,

  • Vegas level stakes, and…

  • A fake engagement that just might lead to real love

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Meet Theodora


After logging time as a music journalist, playwright, and radio writer, Theodora Taylor began writing hot books with heart in 2012. With forty plus romances published to date, she has earned six KDP All-Star bonuses. Known for writing alternative heroes and smart, feisty heroines, Theodora's 50 Loving States series has become a one-click stop for an ever-growing number of rabid readers. When not thinking of ways to write and sell even more hot books with heart, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, learning German, watching ALL the Shonda Rhimes shows ever, and attending parties thrown by others. She also loves hearing from voices that don't originate inside her head, so please...


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