Friday, February 16, 2024

Now Live!! Something Right by Shaniel Watson


Title: Something Right
Author: Shaniel Watson
Genre: Contemporary MM Romance, Work Place Romance, First Love, Forbidden Love, Slow Burn
Release Date: February 15, 2024

When you know, you know . . .

And Drew knows. He knows he likes men—Holden in particular. He knows he’ll have to make the first move. And when he and Holden are together, Drew knows nothing has ever been more right. The problem is that Holden doesn’t know it too.

Holden knows he isn’t good enough for Drew—an ex-con is never a good bet--but that doesn’t stop him from wanting him. He craves Drew more than he wants to breathe, and that’s the problem. Between his dubious past and all the complicated family issues, Holden is afraid of hurting Drew. And that’s the one thing he never wants to do.

When two strong souls collide, the stars align and something right is born. But can love survive the storms, or will something right turn into what could have been?


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