Thursday, November 23, 2023

Exerpt for The Flirt Alert by Kaylene Winter with a GIVEAWAY


The Flirt Alert 
by Kaylene Winter

Publication date: November 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


When a man who has everything will do anything to ease the pain of the incredible woman who’s living with a timebomb.

My best friend’s twin, Shay Stojanović, is my ultimate gamer dream girl come to life.

Gorgeous, flirtatious and popular, she didn’t know I existed.

Until one fateful night, she made this nerd’s every fantasy come true.

The next day she blew me up like a frag grenade.

Years later, Shay’s brother and I have built a billion dollar gaming company.

He had the nerve to give his shady sister a coveted executive role.

Oh, I’m not going to make it easy on her—she’ll quit. You’ll see.

Everything’s going exactly to plan…

Until we get stranded at the top of a mountain.

And I learn the truth.

Now I can’t—and won’t—resist her.

She has a lot to overcome.

And I’m just the man to soothe her hurt.

It’s Shay’s turn for a flirt alert.

The Flirt Alert is a scorching, standalone, billionaire, enemies to lovers, best friend’s brother, forced proximity, STEM workplace, HEA romance.

Excerpt:  She ruthlessly chewed me up and spit me out without a second thought. Miles wasn’t there to witness it because he was otherwise…occupied. The aftermath could have ended our friendship, but Shay moved away so… Anyway, seeing Shay again is going to suck but I can’t let the situation fuck things up with Miles. I’m smart enough to know if it comes down to it, he’ll always choose his twin sister. 

You can’t change who your family is. I live with this sad truth every fucking day. 


Oh, I know it’s been years and I should forgive and forget and all that.

Revenge sounds better, though. 

Yeah. Much better. 

I should be a bigger person. I’m no longer a scrawny, insecure geek. I’ve built Hungry Llama into one of the hottest companies in the world. I’m not hurting for cash. I own several properties. I have no problem getting laid. I’d like to think I’m a decent boss. I support a ton of philanthropic causes.

So why can’t I let it go?

Because I want to bring her down a notch.

Yep. That’s it. I want to give her a taste of her own medicine.

I’ll let Miles know I’ve changed my mind and Shay can report to me. Then I’ll be an asshole. Not any asshole, a subtle asshole. Take great pleasure in making her life miserable until she quits on her own accord. That way I’ll get rid of her and keep my friendship with Miles intact.

I stand at the window.

It’s snowing again. Everything is quiet.

The world might look peaceful from up here, but I know better.

A storm is beginning, and I'm standing directly in its path.



When she was only 15, Kaylene Winter wrote her first rocker romance novel starring a fictionalized version of herself, her friends and their gorgeous rocker boyfriends. After living her own rockstar life as a band manager, music promoter and mover and shaker in Seattle during the early 1990’s, Kaylene became a digital media legal strategist helping bring movies, television and music online. Throughout her busy career, Kaylene lost herself in romance novels across all genres inspiring her to realize her life-long dream to be a published author. She lives in Seattle with her amazing husband and dog. She loves to travel, throw lavish dinner parties and support charitable causes supporting arts and animals.

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