Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Spotlight for Harlem Sunset by Nekesa Afia

 Harlem Sunset by Nekesa Afia 

Paperback, 304 pages

Publication: June 28th 2022 by Berkley Books

Genre:  Historical Fiction, Mystery, LGBT


Taken from Goodreads:  Harlem, 1927

With the horrors of the summer and the Girl Killer behind her, Louise Lloyd is eager to usher in her 28th year with her girlfriend and best friend by her side.

When Nora Davies, one of the girls Louise was kidnapped with, reintroduces herself, Louise is wary to connect. By the next morning, Nora will be dead, Rosa Maria Moreno covered in her blood, and no one can remember what happened.

With Rosa Maria's freedom on the line, Louise must get to the bottom of Nora's death before time runs out. 

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