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Excerpt from Her Romeo by Quinn Marlowe


Her Romeo by Quinn Marlowe is out now! Check out the gorgeous new mafia romance and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Her Romeo

Author: Quinn Marlowe

Genre: Mafia Romance

About Her Romeo:

She's my best friend from childhood. The girl I thought I loved once. And the woman who just threatened to put me in jail, courtesy of the case she's prosecuting in court. She's also now my prisoner.   Sloane Brennan thought she was on top of the world. Hell, she was on top of the world. But she's also the daughter of my father's enemy, and when my father decides to kidnap her and use her as leverage against her own father, then puts me in charge of watching over her...   Let's just say it puts ideas in my head. Bad, bad ideas. Ideas that I've been fantasizing about for years.   After all, I'm supposed to be taking care of her while she's under the Rossi umbrella, right? And no one actually defined what that means. Right?   When the plan goes awry, though, and it becomes apparent that Sloane's life is actually in danger and my feelings run a whole lot deeper than I realized, I have to recalculate my actions, and decide whether my loyalty is to the family... or the girl I've always loved.   *Her Romeo is the second book of three in Sloane and Joseph's story, and is a dark mafia romance and includes violence and mature sexual themes. If you’re triggered by guns, sex, rape, or murder, this isn’t the series for you.  

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EXCERPT:   My father stared at me for a moment longer than was comfortable, then, at my continued silence, nodded once and turned back to Hugo. “You were saying? The daughter. Sloane, isn’t it?” His eyes flicked to me again, but I was quiet, and he looked once more at Hugo. “What about her?”

            Hugo leaned in, his face turning even more wicked. “She left Brooklyn. Left his protection. She’s out there in the real world. Outside of our realm, sure, but once we find her alone out there, without Brennan’s guards...”

            He left the statement hanging, waiting for the others to pick up on it, and my father, always the cleverest man in any room, took about half a second to get there.

            “Without guards,” he rasped, “she’d be awfully easy to pick up.”

            “Wouldn’t she just,” Hugo agreed. “And once we have her...”

            “Open season,” my father muttered. “A perfect target.”

            “And the best way to get Brennan to cooperate,” Hugo finished slyly. “After all, what better leverage could we possibly get than his darling daughter? The girl he loved so much he sent her all the way to LA to keep her safe from people like us.”

            The other men in the room chuckled like they’d been told to respond to the innuendo in his voice, all of the laughter low and menacing.

            I sat frozen in my chair, my brain caught somewhere between horror and admiration. 


About the Author:

Quinn Marlowe is a fan of red wine, cheesecake, perfect hash browns, and really good punk rock. She’s also obsessed with everything piratical—though she refuses to acknowledge any actual connection to pirates. She studied English and Film at UCLA and, when forced to choose a career, chose publishing rather than teaching or being a film maker. Quinn lives in San Diego with her husband, dogs, and far too many cats.   Her Romeo is Quinn’s first book, though she hopes it will be followed by many more.  

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