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Review for Shattered Souls by Erica Lucke Dean


Shattered Souls by  Erica Lucke Dean 

Kindle Edition, 1st, 290 pages

Publication: May 18th 2021 by Red Adept Publishing


From Goodreads…
Don’t miss the explosive conclusion to the Flames of Time trilogy.

Ava Flynn walked through flames to erase the past and bring her little brother, Josh, back from the dead. But the reboot doesn’t come without strings. While navigating her new reality, Ava must avoid Maddox... without fracturing the timeline. If she fails, she may never find Laith again.

With her own heart at stake, Ava scours time for the key to unraveling the curse binding her soul to both Laith’s and Maddox’s. One brother is the love of her life. And the other... Not even death will stop him from keeping them apart.

As Ava’s present collides with the brothers’ pasts, she discovers that breaking the curse might have unintended consequences. And this time, her soul isn’t the only one on the line. 

My Thoughts… I had so much hope for Ava Flynn.  I needed her to figure out who her soul mate was and make a life with him.   Was it Maddox?  Was it Laith?   In book two we learned who was the “better” brother, but would that truly be who she ends up with?   Book three answers all my questions and let me very happy. 

Ava was truly fearless.   She knew that the curse had to be broken and was willing to do whatever needed to break it.   She jumps time, she works with a witch, and she puts her own life on the line just to find her happy ending.    I really enjoyed working through the curse with her and figuring out what would need to be done to break it.  I liked the mystery of the different times and the uncertainty of what would be changed as she went through time reliving her life.

The brothers and Ava became people I was invested in.   I wanted to be sure Josh, Ava's brother, was taken care of also.   They had all lost so much throughout the years that I needed them to be okay and to find their happiness.    Erica Lucke Dean wrote the perfect final book in this series.   I will miss these characters but they will always be some of my favorites.  

The Flames of Time series must be read in order.   I actually went back and read books one and two before starting book three because there was a gap of time between publishing.   That is my only complaint, Erica Lucke Dean kept me waiting for the wonderful final book in this series.   The good news for anyone who has not read the series yet is that all three books are now available, and you can read them without waiting for the next one to be released.   I highly recommend purchasing all three and devouring them just like I did.  

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Meet Erica Lucke Dean.. After walking away from her career as a business banker to pursue writing full-time, Erica moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small tourist town in the North Georgia Mountains where she lives in a 90-year-old haunted farmhouse with her workaholic husband, her 180lb lap dog, and at least one ghost.

When she’s not busy writing or tending to her collection of crazy chickens, diabolical ducks, and a quintet of piglets, hell bent on having her for dinner, she’s either reading bad fan fiction or singing karaoke in the local pub. Much like the characters in her books, Erica is a magnet for disaster, and has been known to trip on air while walking across flat surfaces.

How she’s managed to survive this long is one of life’s great mysteries.

Erica is represented by Kelly Peterson of Rees Literary Agency in Boston.

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