Monday, May 10, 2021

Excerpt for Finding Our Someday by M.M Koenig


Today we have the blog tour for FINDING OUR SOMEDAY by M.M. Koenig! This is the last title in her NA romantic suspense series-- grab yours and catch up on the series today!

Title: Finding Our Someday

Author: M.M. Koenig

Genre: Romantic Suspense

About Finding Our Someday:

The past should be behind her, but for Bri McAndrews, it keeps sneaking up in the worst ways. Lies, vicious plots, and manipulation follow Bri everywhere she turns. All she wants is to pick up the pieces and move on with her life, but the mistakes she’s made continue to haunt her, hurt her, pull her under. And with the sting of Trey’s latest betrayal still very fresh, Bri doesn’t know if she can truly trust him with her heart, leaving her at a crossroads she’s not ready to face. The future should be bright, but for Trey Donovan, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Trey has more regrets than he can count on one hand. To find atonement, he’s had to own up to the things he’s done, creating a rift with Bri he can’t seem to mend. Trey only wants the life with Bri he sees in his mind, but it keeps evading him, remaining just out of reach—especially when they find themselves standing between two of the most important people in their lives. You need darkness in order to see the stars shine, but when a storm blows in, leaving a thunder cloud that blocks any semblance of hope, will two hearts become one, or have they become too tarnished to find their someday?

Excerpt...Shoving the last ten minutes out of my mind, I grabbed another glass of wine from a waiter and headed toward the stage.

Once we were up there, I found my family’s table. Trey slid out a chair for me before sitting down and anxiously rubbing his tattoo. As I sipped on my wine, the pressure in my chest disappeared even more. After I spotted more than a few familiar faces in the crowd, the tightness in my muscles lessened.

Two servers appeared with more wine and appetizers. Trey glimpsed between the platter and me, his nose scrunched up. Caviar canapes weren’t my first choice either. I pointed at the crab canapes, smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, oysters, and sushi cakes. Plates were quickly dished up and placed in front of us.

“I didn’t recognize half the things on that tray. Thanks for choosing for us,” Trey murmured, taking a bite of the crab.

He gave it a nod of approval before gobbling up another one and washing it down with a swig of wine. I eyed the oysters. My nerves took an indefinite sidebar and my libido kicked in. I seductively licked my lips before popping an oyster into my mouth.

A low rumble sounded from Trey’s chest. “Still dead set on pressing my buttons I see. Tread lightly, my dear. I’ve yet to show you what I have planned for the evening.”

I arched an eyebrow in challenge. “Maybe that’s why I keep doing it. I’m not so sure you have anything planned at all.”

His mouth curled into his cocky smirk. “Would you look at that? I dropped my napkin on the floor. I bet the linen is worth several hundred. I should retrieve it before one of Chicago’s finest realizes what I’ve done.”

It was a predictable pretense to dive under the table, but if it meant he’d actually touch me, I was all for it. My clit ached for just a flick of his finger. Almost as though he’d read my mind, Trey pushed my underwear to the side and plunged two fingers inside me while using his thumb to massage my nub.

Biting back a groan, I gripped the side of the table to remain upright. As his fingers swirled around at a relentless rate, my body reached the point of explosion, and I trembled, preparing for a powerful orgasm. My pulse quickened as he took me higher. Just as I was about to climax, he retracted his fingers.

“I can’t believe you just did that, only to leave me high and dry,” I snapped, chagrined.

He rolled his shoulders, a smug grin on his face. “I think you’ll experience more pleasure soon enough. You shouldn’t have selected the oysters. You’re not going to need an aphrodisiac.”

I gaped at him. “I don’t know whether to smack the shit out of you or kiss you senseless so you have no choice but to drag me off to the bathroom and fuck me.”


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About M.M. Koenig:

M. M. Koenig enjoys being active and has a variety of interests that coincide with her passion for life. Always one to try new things, she has acquired a variety of skills. Her sarcastic nature and multitude of experiences tend to find their way into her novels.   When she has free time and isn't writing, she spends as much time as she can with friends and family. To fuel her soul, she is constantly looking for new music, movies, and books to keep the writer's block at bay.

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