Friday, May 1, 2020

Review for Stories We Never Told by Sonja Yoerg

Stories We Never Told

publication: May 1st 2020 by Lake Union Publishing
Psychology professor Jackie Strelitz thought she was over her ex-lover and colleague, Harlan Crispin. Why should she care if Harlan springs a new “friend” on her? After all, Jackie has everything she ever wanted: a loving husband and a thriving career. Still, she can’t help but be curious about Harlan’s latest.

Nasira Amari is graceful, smart, and young. Worse, she’s the new member of Jackie’s research team. For five years, Harlan enforced rules limiting his relationship with Jackie. With Nasira he’s breaking every single one. Why her?

Fixated by the couple, Jackie’s curiosity becomes obsession. But she soon learns that nothing is quite what it seems, and that to her surprise—and peril—she may not be the only one who can’t let go. 

My Thoughts…

Sonja Yoerg has taken her writing in a different direction with Stories We Never Told.    This book is a suspense novel.    Jackie is married but her ex-boyfriend works at the same university as her.   When she finds out that Harlen, the ex, is dating on of the research team working on the same program as Jackie the jealousy comes through.   She stalks Harlen, she questions Nasira, and she questions the life she is living.    As things start happening to Jackie at work and at home, she starts to question what was really going on. 

I devoured Stories We Never Told.  I couldn’t put the book down and was curious to see where the story would head next.   The mystery of what was happening to Jackie, who was messing with her, who could she trust kept me turning pages, trying to figure out the who-dun-it aspect of the story, and hoping that I was heading in the wrong direction. 

I can’t say enough for the ending, it was phenomenal.  I didn’t see it all coming, I had some ideas and wasn’t entirely wrong, but the last part of the book was the absolute best.  

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Meet Sonja Yoerg
Sonja Yoerg grew up in Stowe, Vermont, where she financed her college education by waitressing at the Trapp Family Lodge. She earned a Ph.D. in biological psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and wrote a nonfiction book about animal intelligence, Clever as a Fox (Bloomsbury USA, 2001) and four novels: House Broken, Middle of Somewhere, All the Best People, and the upcoming True Places. Sonja lives with her husband in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Follow on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.   Visit her website

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