Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Review for Fractured Fairy Tales: A SASS ANTHOLOGY

Designer: Wicked by Designs
Release Date: March 17, 2020
Benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation

Once upon a time…Happily ever after…all of the fairytales we know and love begin and end the same, but what if they were altered? Fractured? Would the magic still happen? Does that happy ending still come at the stroke of midnight or with a kiss?

Join this group of SaSSy authors as they take you on a journey, weaving their own magic and putting a spin on the fairytales we all know and love to support Make-A-Wish Foundation.

21 authors, 17 stories, 2 poems…Hurry, this collection is only here for a limited time.

** MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION creates life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness who have reached the age of 2½ and are younger than 18 at the time of referral.

**Anthology will only be available collectively in Ebook. Each story will be available individually from the author in paperback. Stories range from 8k to 67k in length.

My Thoughts…

I love a good twist on fairytales that I am familiar with.    This collection of re-tellings was fun.  Each author took a fairy tale, adding their own twists and made it a short story.    I find it also nice that they are donating to Make-A-Wish. 

This collection is not your normal fairy tale retelling.   They are twists, some are more current, and most had an erotic feel to them.    I would read a few then put the book down and come back to it later. I usually only read one book at a time but with this one I read another book also.   It just broke up the stories as some had a similar feel to them.  

I enjoyed the twists and recommend this to anyone who loves their fairytales.    The authors came together and did a wonderful job of putting this anthology together.    

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Amy Marie
Lexi C Foss and Cora Kenborn
Maria Vickers
Samatha Harris
Erin Lee
Jennifer Allen
Julie Morgan
Kira Nyte
Sidonia Rose
Cee Marie
Morgan and Jennifer Locklear
Carolyn LaRoche
CG Burnette
ME Montgomery
Abigail Lee Justice
Kiki Malone
Lora Logan
Ava Harper Kent
Julie Mishler
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