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Promo for HumanKind by Brad Aronson

HumanKind Changing the World One Small Act At a Time by Brad Aronson 
On Sale: April 14, 2020 
**All author royalties will go to charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters.** 

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s smiling at someone, calling a loved one to tell them how much you care or buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, these gestures can change a life and even have a ripple effect transforming thousands of lives. 

Author Brad Aronson was inspired to highlight the stories of good deeds being done in the world when his wife, Mia, was diagnosed with cancer and he witnessed firsthand how a simple act of kindness can change a life. In his debut book, HUMANKIND: Changing the World One Small Act at a Time (LifeTree Media; April 14, 2020; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-928055-63-1; 256 pages; $15.99), Aronson shares his story about the kindness that changed his family’s life as well as stories from people whose small acts of kindness and empathy generated widespread change, transformed thousands of lives or simply improved the life of one person. Through each story, readers will be inspired to find their own ways to give back. 

The stories include a coffee run that expanded to give comfort to thousands of cancer patients; a spur of the moment McDonald’s meal for a homeless youth that sparked a lifelong friendship; a teen who set out to create a better diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer patients after the loss of a friend and succeeded; the $20 that started a massive Secret Santa movement; and the gift of a puppy that inspired an organization’s creation providing over a thousand trained therapy dogs for children.

Aronson also gives readers specific tips and advice on how to flip the script and offer support to others in concrete ways that help take the pressure off those in need. In addition, he introduces readers to a number of nonprofits, organized by opportunity so that readers can donate their time, money, letters or experience to a worthy cause. 

HumanKind is a ray of sunshine during stormy and divisive times.

About Brad Aronson 
Brad Aronson started i-FRONTIER after graduating from Haverford college, and the digital ad agency quickly outgrew the small apartment he shared with his best friend and became one of the largest and highest-rated digital ad agencies in the United States. His agency worked with clients such as Universal Studios, Time Warner, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. After selling the company to aQuantive, he joined the management team. Today, Aronson invests in startup companies and spends most of his time supporting youth nonprofits. He has served as board president of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region and is currently board president of Hopeworks, which provides tech training, jobs, housing, coaching and support to help young people succeed in life. Using his business background, Aronson teaches entrepreneurship to inner-city students at Hopeworks, instilling self-confidence, discipline and a healthy respect for hustle. He believes in creating a hands-on learning environment, so each student starts their own business in class, which has led to many adventures in entrepreneurship. 

Connect with Brad Aronson 
Facebook: @BradAronson2 

Throughout the book, Brad teaches us how to give back: 
❖ Help people celebrate ➢ The book’s Hall of Fame section showcases organizations through which you can provide birthday gifts and parties for kids who otherwise wouldn’t receive them. 
❖ Support college dreams ➢ Sign up to be an online mentor for students who will be the first ones in their family to attend college and provide care packages for foster youth who are in college and don’t have families to support them. 
❖ Listen ➢ Learn to listen better with advice like: Wait three to five seconds to see if someone is done speaking before you respond. Waiting those few seconds is hard, but it will completely change how you listen and eliminate unintentional interruptions. It’s a gift you can give anyone and it only costs seconds. 
❖ Use word power ➢ See how a simple conversation—just a few words—can change a life. 
❖ Write a letter ➢ Learn about opportunities to write letters to hospitalized kids, lonely seniors, veterans, people suffering from illnesses and others who need support. You can provide this gift in less than fifteen minutes. 
❖ Start Small ➢ By helping a single person, we can ultimately bring about large-scale change. See how one small action can make it all happen. 
❖ Be Inspired ➢ You’ll find dozens of ways to help loved ones and strangers going through difficult times, from what to say when offering support to how to change your perspective and look out for areas of need in your community. 

In the stories in HumanKind, you’ll learn about: 
❖ The community that rallied behind a child in need of a therapy dog. 
❖ A man who vowed to repay an act of kindness by anonymously giving money to those in need, creating a movement of tens of thousands of people around the world. 
❖ Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode Sr., who created Philadelphia’s first homelessness program because of a single meal he had when he was twelve. 
❖ A McDonald’s lunch shared by a New York City advertising executive and a hungry teen that led to a lifelong friendship. 
❖ Cantor Fitzgerald, a company that was devastated by the tragedy of 9/11 and set an example by re-building the business to help others and inspire change, honoring the legacy of lost loved ones. 
❖ A retiree who turned her sewing hobby into a club of grandma seamstresses who trekked from the suburbs into the city to mend clothes for the homeless. 
❖ An Olympic gold medalist and Major League Baseball player who credits his success to a third-grade teacher’s shoe-tying lesson and now inspires thousands of young kids as a way to pay that teacher back. 
❖ A monthly $15 donation from a stranger four thousand miles away that allowed a child to finish school and inspired that boy to create a nonprofit that has helped hundreds of families and their future children escape poverty. 

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