Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Release Blitz & Giveaway for The Unexpected Shelter by Abby Tyler

Title: The Unexpected Shelter 
Author: Abby Tyler
Genre: Sweet Romance
Release Date: May 7, 2019
She saved the town’s abandoned animals. He saved her.
Abby Tyler welcomes you to the witty, well-meaning busybodies of Applebottom, Missouri, where the community its pies -- and its matchmaking -- very seriously.
Savannah Perkins has always loved the animal shelter her father started in memory of her mother. It’s been her life’s work and a peaceful place for her to care for him as he declines into dementia.
But it’s a hard living, and volunteers have gotten difficult to come by.
Until Luke.
No one is more surprised by Luke Southard’s arrival in Applebottom than his father. Mayor T-bone had no idea he had a son.
While Luke waits on the local veterinary school to accept his transfer, the town suggests he help out at the shelter.
But some of the local boys take issue with his closeness to Savannah, blaming him for vandalism around town. When the new vet school refuses him, Luke figures he’s overstayed his welcome.
It will take some quick thinking by the town to help Luke and Savannah save both the shelter and their tender new love.
Savannah shoved her hair off her face as she ducked inside the kennel room of the animal shelter, knowing she was streaking mud across her forehead. Couldn’t be helped after getting ten dogs in out of the rain, one of which had refused to leave his puddle.
She stopped short. Wait. Who was that by the dog cages?
The man turned around, and Savannah took two steps back.
“Oh my gosh. Who are you?”
The man was disarmingly good-looking. He wore a T-shirt with a plaid button-down over it, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.
“I’m Luke Southard,” he said. “I don’t believe we’ve met.” He extended a hand.
Savannah lifted her arm, then realized it was covered with streaks of mud and withdrew it.
Strangers in Applebottom were rare. The town was off the beaten path. And certainly, people who were just passing through didn’t stop by the animal shelter.
“I’m sorry. I’ve been wrestling Luigi in the yard. Why are you here?” She shoved her hair back and realized she probably just put another streak of mud on her face.
“The lady who owns the dog bakery sent me. Said you could use some help.”
Delilah, God bless her. But who was this man?
“I know everybody in Applebottom,” she said. “But not you.”
He moved suddenly to the side, blocking Luigi, who was trying to escape out the back again. Savannah lunged for the door and shut it.
“No problem.” His grin made her belly flip over. “I’m new in town.” He bent down to scratch Luigi behind the ears. The overweight lump flipped on his back immediately to get belly rubs instead. 
“I’ll be working on cars in the mornings, but I was in veterinary school up north before moving down. Delilah thought helping you out would look good as I tried to switch to a college down here.”
Savannah felt absolutely faint. A new man in town. Ridiculously handsome.
And studying to be a veterinarian.
That was it.
She was dead.
Abby Tyler loves puppy dogs, pie, and small towns (she grew up in one!) Her Applebottom Matchmaker Society books combine the sweet and wholesome style of romance she loves with the funny, sometimes a-little-too-truthful characters she remembers from growing up in a place where everyone knew everybody’s business.

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