Tuesday, September 18, 2018

REVIEW of Renegade Valkyrie (Valhalla's Curse #1) by Stacy Claflin

 Kindle Edition, 188 pages
Published May 8th 2018

She’s an angel of death, but not even that will be enough to keep her alive.

Soleil has been skirting Valhalla’s rules since before she dated ancient Egyptian rulers. She recently killed someone other than the person she was assigned to take out, so her leaders are hunting her to put her on trial. Not only that, but she has infuriated a dangerous witch — one who will stop at nothing until Soleil is dead.

With her life on the line at every turn, Soleil has no other choice but to face her greatest fears and trust new allies. Will she come out on top, or has her past finally caught up with her? 

My Thoughts…

An Angel of Death that has a good heart is exactly what Soleil is.    She has to kill, it is her job but she also has friends, wants to save the good people who deserve it, and wants to stay alive.    

Renegade Valkyrie is not a long story but there is a lot going on within its pages.   There are side stories being shared that all tie into the main story.   There are witches casting spells, vampires who will be asked to make donations of blood, and there are so many other paranormals that have stories to share.    I am hoping to learn more about the Spice Store owner as not much was shared about him.  

There are multiple characters that make appearances to help Soleil that I recognized from some of Stacy Claflin’s other books.     I always enjoy catching up with old characters.    What I liked about Renegade Valkyrie is that even if you haven’t read any of Stacy Claflin’s other books you will lose yourself in this story.  You will meet characters that you will be curious to find out more about and you will be reading a great paranormal story.

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