Monday, May 7, 2018

REVIEW of Evidence of Love by Mark Stevens

 Paperback, 130 pages
Published January 26th 2018 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

On the surface, Carly Irons - gorgeous daughter of famed Hollywood power docs Marlene and Damon Irons - appears to have it all. A Manhattan career girl with a coveted job at publisher Conde Nast, stunning apartment and a wealthy boyfriend Kirk Sarns, she sees nowhere to go but up. And then when she least suspects it, ghosts of the past and betrayals in the present, converge to torture her from all angles.

Out of nowhere, her sex obsessed mother is murdered. A college love, the sexy scion of a wealthy socialite family, returns to her life under false pretenses. Her father Damon Irons is revealed as the predator that he is. And the mystery around a discarded sibling comes to an ugly and chilling head.

This crisply written page turner rife with unexpected twists and turns in every chapter, is a human story of love, passion, sex, deceit, murder, ambition, wealth, humility and betrayal.

And throughout, it is about the yearning for youth, the fear of aging, the joys and the loneliness of the heart.

My Thoughts…

The Evidence of Love is a short story, only about 130 pages, that I was intrigued by.    I picked up this book not knowing for sure what I was going to read.      This is a story of a woman who has it all but also has secrets that haunt her.      Because of these secrets she is never truly satisfied with where her life currently is.      She wants an older married man and when that happens she isn’t as satisfied as she thought she would be.    When she finds out her mother has been murdered she decides that she has to find out the truth, which leads her to the one person she would rather avoid…her father.

I was interested in this story.    It is a story that I wanted to read, I wanted to know what was going to happen but I wasn’t 100% invested in the story or the characters.    There were a couple times that I thought about stopping reading but decided that I needed to read until the end to get the finale of the story.     The characters were okay, I didn’t entirely connect with any of them.   I wanted to… I just couldn’t find that tie to them.   

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