Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SPOTLIGHT...The Apprentice by Rick Pullen

Author of Naked Ambition

By Rick Pullen
Blair House; December 26, 2017
$14.99 trade paperback/$2.99 e-book; 189 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9994910-0-3

Tish Woodward is on a roll—her investigative reporting of a horrific crime has catapulted her into the national spotlight. But is it talent or just dumb luck? The rookie newspaperwoman dreads that the world will wake up and realize she lacks the depth and experience to take on her new assignment— President-Elect Derrick Templeton, a billionaire oil and real estate baron with no political experience.

Woodward navigates the labyrinth of Washington’s political world getting ever closer to the truth about Templeton, yet she doesn’t know whom to trust. This is Washington, of course, where motives are always suspect and allegiances change like the weather—all in pursuit of raw power. In this fast-paced, gripping tale of deception and deceit, Woodward realizes she is way over her head with nowhere to turn for help. She has taken on the most powerful and vengeful man who will ever occupy the White House—and he now has his sights clearly set on her.

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RICK PULLEN is a novelist, award-winning investigative reporter and magazine editor. His 2016 thriller, Naked Ambition, about a reporter investigating a corrupt presidential candidate, became a bestseller. The Apprentice is his latest release. In 2018, newspaper reporter Beck Rikki returns as she sets out to discover the Naked Truth, the sequel to Naked Ambition. Pullen is a member of the Folio 100—the 100 most influential people in magazine publishing—and was a finalist for Editor of the Year. Learn more about his books at

“Pullen has written a solid, descriptive thriller that shows that he is well-informed and savvy about the newspaper business and the political world...and in Pullen's hands the shady and sometimes judicious relationships among government, business, and journalism are shown in a penetrating and astute manner.”

— Kirkus Reviews

Naked Ambition is a funhouse mirror whose witty distortions reveal a terrifying truth. What a story: surprising, engaging, and wickedly smart. That sound you hear as the pages whip by—it's laughter. Your own. Rick Pullen, with impressive insider knowledge, unfailing humor, madcap plotting, and a touch of reckless romance has opened the door to a Washington we might prefer not to know. But this time it's knowledge, not ignorance, that's bliss.”

— David Corbett, Award-winning author of
 The Mercy of the Night

Naked Ambition draws you in early and won't let go until you've devoured every last page. Pullen has crafted a masterful narrative that casts post-Citizens United abuses of power in nuanced layers of suspense and intrigue”

Steve Giegerich, author of Body of Knowledge

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